I tried to watch the whole thing.
I really did.
But once again, just like with season one, I just couldn’t watch the entire episode of General Hospital: Night Shift, season 2.
In a word.
Except, of course, the scenes with super spy Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) – a victim of a plane crash who thinks he’s back in time.
Tristan Rogers
His scenes across the board were wonderful, especially with Robin (Kimberly McCullough) and Patrick (Jason Thompson).
The scenes with Jagger (Antonio Sabato, Jr.) and Robin were touching.
The scene in the closet when Robert Scorpio was delusional and was trying to escape from the hospital was vintage Scorpio.
And how about when Robin realizes that her father doesn’t know her and he collapses on the floor.
There was real feeling there.
There was history there.
I could have watched them the entire show and have been happy.
I also enjoy Epiphany (Sonya Eddy) immensly. I mean, who doesn’t. She’s great.
But, honestly, the rest of the show I could care less about.
What’s up with the whole new cast of young doctors?
I’m not invested in these characters – nor will I be.
How can one become invested in a whole new slew of characters – all basically young, pretty faces.
I’m just not into this whole new soap mentality that you have to cast a bunch of young newbies.
Are producers even looking at the latest demographic studies, which show the average age of soap opera watchers are over the age of 50?
And, probably, most of those viewers have been watching their favorite soaps for more than 35 years, which means they want characters they have come to know and love.
Like Robert Scorpio.
Here’s a thought.
Move him back to the real General Hospital.
Get rid of the mob.
Bring back Luke and Laura.
And let’s have some “Love in the Afternoon.”

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