There are so many storylines and characters that I don’t like on General Hospital right now, I am on the verge of tuning out for awhile.
Here’s my top 10 countdown of why I hate GH right now, with 10 being the worst.
1. Nicolas
He’s been volatile and over-the-edge lately with everyone including Alexis and Emily. What’s up with that?
2. Carly
She’s really grating on my nerves lately – because….well, she’s Carly.
3. Maxie
She’s a trainwreck…And how can I say this delicately? A slut.
Coming off the Lucky travesty, she finally found a nice, decent, faithful boyfriend in Coop – and did I mention gorgeous?
So what does she do? She sleeps with Coop’s best friend, Logan.
4. Jason
I hate the way he’s treated Sam over the past year. His actions towards her have triggered several of the current, detested storylines.
5. Jerry Jax aka James Craig
Threatening Sam that she seduce Trevor and find out Anthony Zaccara’s plan or else he will kill her?
Come on!
Just when the writers were beginning to semi-rehabilitate Jerry’s image after he terrorized everyone during the hostage crisis as James Craig. Now he’s reverting back to his psycho ways!
6. Sam
Even though I’m all for Sam getting revenge against Liz, seducing Lucky isn’t the way to do it. It just makes her look cheap. And Wardrobe Dept…Hello? Put her in some attractive clothes instead of those sleazy-looking outfits! You can have seductive clothing without looking totally trampy.
7. Trevor/Sonny/Ric
First there was Sonny the resident mob boss. Then came his deranged half-brother Ric, who happens to be the District Attorney with a sick, twisted obsession for revenge against Sonny because their mother chose Sonny over Ric.
Now, enter Trevor, Ric’s father and slimy attorney to New York City crime boss Anthony Zuccara. Trevor hates Sonny and seems to detest Ric, his own flesh and blood.
To top it all off, Trevor is blackmailing Kate.
Get rid of Trevor. Now!
8. Patrick and Robin
Scrubs, as they’re known, was my favorite couple on the show and now they’re split!
Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough have such a great onscreen rapport together. They always make me smile. And after their pregnancy scare, these two are splitsville? Let’s not even mention that young nurse, Leyla, fawning over Patrick…Grrrrr.
9. The Mob Wars
Hate Them!
It’s bad enough that Sonny/Jason and the mob are involved in everything that happens in Port Charles. Now they’re bringing in a crime boss from New York City to go up against Sonny and his gang?
Get the mob off the front burner and get back to what GH is supposed to be about – love in the afternoon!
10. (Saint) Elizabeth
There’s really not enough room here for me to talk about my disdain for Liz in the past few months – and I used to really like her.
But I just can’t stand her sanctimonious,holier-than-thou stance toward Sam when she is no better. May I remind Liz that she has two children by two different men, both from one night stands.
And I HATE the way she’s deceived Lucky, her husband, into thinking that baby Jake is his when Jason is really the father. The worst part is that she keeps insisting that she wants to be with Lucky when she finds every opportunity to see Jason.
Would you please just get with Jason and put all of us out of our misery!!
And, by the way, have you ever noticed that every scene showing Elizabeth at home opens with her picking up the kids’ toys or folding the kids’ clothes?
I mean, is there really that many toys around and clothes to fold?
There are just too many psychos, sickos and fatally flawed characters in Port Charles, even for soap land.
Bottom Line: The only two worth watching are Georgie and Spinelli!

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