Do you know what Bradford Anderson’s favorite theatre production is?
It’s “The Fantastiks.”
I love that play, too!
It’s one of my all-time favorites.
Anderson, the actor who so aptly plays Damian Spinelli on General Hospital, fielded a boatload of questions posed to him by Penny, her co-bloggers, friends and fans over at the Bradford Anderson Fan Blog.
I just read the interview and was so struck by his candid answers that I wanted to share the interview with the readers of Soapbox.
Check it out by clicking here.
Scroll down under entries for Monday, Feb. 11 and it has the headline “Blog Exclusive: Q&A With Bradford.”
Penny posted Four entries on Monday.
Four entries in one day!
Wow, Penny!
Make us look like slackers why dontcha?
Seriously, though. Penny and company did a really good job with the questions – kudos.
It’s really interesting and a good read.

One thought on “An Interesting Interview with Bradford Anderson aka Spinelli

  1. Penny
    February 12, 2008 at 9:35 am

    Its pretty funny isn’t it. He was such a good sport to do this.
    Thank you for sharing the interview with everyone here 🙂
    here is a direct link to the interview. There will be many more posts today 🙂