Our friends over at the Bradford Anderson Fan Blog have mounted a grassroots campaign to help keep our favorite computer whiz in Port Charles.
I have loved the character of Damien Spinelli ever since he appeared on my TV screen more than a year ago.
Since then, he has endeared himself to me over and over and over again.
I hang on his every word…I do.
I love when he starts spouting his fast-talking, Spinelli-speak.
So when I was lucky enough to land one of Bradford Anderson‘s standby passes at Super Soap Weekend….Super Soap 2007 080.JPG
….and he actually took all of his standbys and I actually met him, and….well he was nicer than I had even hoped.
Just so-o-o nice!
Do I look excited to meet him – or what?
And ya gotta love a guy who raises money for his hometown animal shelter the Manchester, New Hampshire Animal Shelter.
Rescuing animals is a cause near and dear to my heart, too.
So getting back to the matter at hand – keeping Bradford on General Hospital.
Penny over at the Fan Blog wants to be sure that happens.
Click here to find out all about the Hugs for Spinelli Campaign and consider entering your name in support.
Also, be sure to click on the link to support ideas which gives a really good outline on how to help.
Here’s what Penny writes about the reasons for the campaign:
“Now is not the time to allow ourselves to get complacent. Contract players are being shed like dog hair. We need to show support of Spinelli and Bradford. Not only to keep him on the show but to get that storyline we all have been dreaming of. We keep getting the unfulfilled promise of a storyline. Little hints that if we keep watching we will get to see ‘more’ Spinelli. They need to know that he is popluar enough to risk a storyline on him. They need to hear our voice.”
I can’t agree more.
Spinelli has been on for a year and a half and has yet to have a storyline to call his own – despite his huge popularity.
It’s time.
He’s overdue.
Make a Spinelli storyline a reality.

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