Despite all my disappointment with General Hospital lately, there have been some bright spots, most notably in regards to casting.
First off was the return of Graham Shiels as Iraq war vet Cody Paul. He was only in a very brief scene, telling Jason about the arrival of the Karpov organization, but I’m hoping this bodes well for the character.
Considering his fellow soldiers, Cooper Barrett and Logan Hayes, bit the dust in Port Charles, I’m not sure how good Cody’s chances are for sticking around. But perhaps the third time’s the charm for these war vets.
Graham’s Web site announces that there are good things to come for the character.
Man, do I hope that’s true.
The enigmatic Cody didn’t have much air time on GH (most of his scenes were on Night Shift, season one), but there’s something about the character (and his portrayer) that intrigues me. (My husband thinks it’s because Graham looks like Chris Daughtry, but I swear I can tell my bald-guy crushes apart. Hee.)
In any case, I look forward to seeing more of the character … and Graham.
On the flip side of Cody’s darker, more menacing personality is GH‘s sunshine in a bottle, Nadine.
The chipper, Aunt Raylene-spouting nurse, played by the super-adorable Claire Coffee, is a welcome change from most of the women that GH is focusing on nowadays. She doesn’t whine and shriek (like Lulu), slink and scheme (like Claudia), hypocritically judge and butt into everyone else’s business (like Carly) or stare down her nose at others (like Kate).
She’s actually cute and nice. And you know what? I like that.
Then came the rumor that she was getting killed off.
Yep. You heard me.
On the heels of Emily and Georgie, two Port Charles’ sweethearts who were brutally murdered, there were rumblings that Nadine was next in line.
Thankfully, before I got too apoplectic about GH making another bonehead move, Claire responded to the rumors on her Web site.
She’s not going anywhere.
So now I have Cody and Nadine to invest in as possible torch bearers for GH‘s future.
Maybe there’s hope for the show yet.

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