OK, General Hospital. I’ll go ahead and ask.
What’s up with this Detective Harper?
Obviously, someone high up on the ABC totem pole is a Jay Pickett fan. Actually, come to think of it, someone seems to have a thing for a lot of the Port Charles cast. Kelly Monaco, Kent Masters King, Kiko Ellsworth, to name a few.
And Jay, before the Detective Harper gig, if you recall, was the stand-in for the role of Lorenzo Alcazar while Ted King was on some sort of medical leave.
But, really, my question doesn’t have anything to do with PC actors crossing over to GH. Most, including Jay, have done a fine job. It’s more a question of “Why bother?”
Why bother bringing on a new, arrogant, incompetent cop who jumps to the wrong conclusions and spends his time badgering the wrong suspects?
GH already had Lucky for that.
Granted, Lucky’s a little busy fronting as Jake’s father, pretending to give a hoot about Cameron and playing (among other pursuits) who’s the bigger victim game with Sam. But he still seems perfectly capable of bumbling around on the job. (Yeah, you caught me. I’m not a huge Lucky fan at the moment.)
Frankly, Detective Harper (Does he even have a first name?) seems quite superfluous, especially when the PCPD had a perfectly good cop in Cruz. Maybe that was the problem, though. Cruz was actually somewhat level-headed and, gasp, competent. Apparently there’s no room for that in Port Charles. Well, not if you expect to have a story line. Look what’s happened to Mac.
I get that GH is pretty much set up so that the mob always wins. Sonny and Jason’s mob, at least. So I’m not expecting supercops to suddenly start bursting on scene.
However, can’t we get a detective who doesn’t immediately make my eyes roll as soon as he opens his mouth?
That reminds me. Whatever happened to Taggert?

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One thought on “Did GH need another incompetent cop?

  1. Kimi
    December 6, 2007 at 9:48 am

    The very first question that came to mind when I saw Detective Harper is “*where is Taggert?*”!!!! At least Taggert has history with a majority of the characters onscreen so his indignation made some sense.
    Imagine if Taggert hooked up w/Lanie, the drama that could cause with her being Sonny’s psychiatrist & Taggert just plain old hating Sonny.
    Jay Pickett is a’right but ITA, another bumbling cop who can’t take down the mob is unnecessary. Let’s face it, even if he finds proof positive that Jason, Sonny & Co. are doing anything illegal it will not matter cuz the mob never pays for any of their crimes in Port Charles.
    Give that air time to a vet (like Mac or even Cruz) or (gasp!) a Quartermaine, so TPTB do not have to kill off another member of that family anytime soon!