Hey DOOL fans!

Were you expecting a Melanie and Nathan reunion?

Do you think firing Mark Hapka was a mistake?

Were you happy that Nathan finally saw through Stephanie’s lies?

If you want to discuss the latest plot twists to Salem’s residents, check out the new blog “Easy Come, Easy Go: DOOL” posted on Paula’s Soapbox.

And for my GH followers, Paula recently posted a blog about the Crazy Lisa storyline going on waaaay too long with too many twists – the latest being getting Dr. Terrell on staff of GH.

Dr. Lisa Niles

Yes, the latest CR-AZY thing on Dr. Niles agenda is to get Terrell to sleep with Robin – and, I guess, in her sick way – thinks that will drive Patrick to her….

I totally agree with Paula…this storyline has overstayed it’s welcome and this new twist is just – dumb!

Click here to read Paula’s GH post “Crazy Loves Company: GH.”


One thought on “DOOL: Missed Opportunities and GH: Shades of Crazy

  1. Paula
    January 11, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    Thanks Michele! I’ve already had a good response on the DOOL post! I think it’s actually the first time I’ve had any comments on one of my DOOL posts directly on the blog! 🙂