Is it just me, or is Kristina Wagner looking staggeringly uncomfortable in her return as Felicia Jones on General Hospital?
Maybe she’s just rusty, or it’s the situation, or perhaps it’s the garbage the writers are having her spew. But from the moment she walked through the door, the vibe was … weird.
First, she casually strolls in, looking like she just came back from a mini vacation.
Judging by her demeanor, I figured she hadn’t heard about Georgie yet.
My bad.
She practically beamed at Maxie and then glibly claims that her eldest daughter must be upset considering “all that she’s been through.”
Huh? All that she’s been through? Do you mean just in the past few days or during the MANY MANY MANY MANY years you’ve been away?
And, I swear, Felicia didn’t seem fazed at all by Georgie’s death. She was so matter of fact that I thought maybe she was some sort of robot sent in the real Felicia’s place.
Farfetched, you say? Not nearly as absurd as Felicia’s lame explanation for why she hadn’t been in touch.
I actually burst out laughing when she said Frisco had called and needed her help on some mission.
Um, huh? Oh. Kay.
If the writers were trying to whitewash Felicia’s disappearance by invoking the memory of one of its premier couples … well, they failed miserably.
I loved Frisco and Felicia. L-O-V-E-D. But, frankly, I’d prefer to believe Felicia was taking care of her ailing relative, rather than have to hear how she dumped Granny Mariah in a nursing home (never telling Maxie and Georgie) so she could traipse around with Frisco because she realized how much she missed their life together.
What an insult to Maxie and Georgie. What an insult to Mac, their “true” father. What an insult to my memories of Felicia (which are mostly good, as long as I don’t recall her repulsive dalliance with Luke. Ewww.).
You know, if Frisco’s so great, so worth ditching your daughters for, why isn’t he at the funeral?
Ugh again.
And they killed Georgie off for this?

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