By Michele Dargan

I have to say that Friday’s General Hospital episode might have just been the best one of the year!

Yes, the carnival earlier this month was…..exciting, breathtaking, action-packed, heart-pounding…..all that.

And if there is one soap opera that time after time does sweeps week best – it’s GH.

Then usually it goes downhill after that.

But Friday was everything a soap opera SHOULD be on a regular basis – a combination of humor and poignancy.

It started out of the box with the ‘oh so funny’ Maxie’s nightmare….

Mac (John J. York) was Hysterical…He totally stole the scene. Watch him knawing on that kiddie toy and drooling!

There were so many touching scenes leading up to the Spixie wedding.

The tears were flowing when Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) were telling each other how much they mean to one another…..

How far those two have come from being mortal enemies, eh?

Not to mention how far Maxie has come from being a total train wreck.

I absolutely love Maxie now.

When she was pumping Lucky full of pills in order to sleep with him – not so much. But that’s all in the past.

Loved the Spinelli/Jason scene, when Jason told Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) that Maxie is the lucky one.

And did you get a load of Jason in the PINK TIE and the look on his face!!!

Which brings me to the next thing that I’ve been liking lately – JaSam!!!

I tell ya, didn’t think it would be possible for Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) to find their way back to each other, especially after he treated Sam like dirt and Sam watched as Jake was kidnapped.

At any rate, I’m just glad they’re back together, because she GETS him.

Did you see those coy looks they were shooting at each other during the wedding? Awwww. So cute!

Speaking of cute….How about Molly!!! I love her!

Talk about a scene stealer. Ever since they SORASed the character and brought on Alexis Pullos, she just shines every time she’s onscreen.

How about when she sat Jason down a couple of days ago and had a heart-to-heart, telling him not to break Sam’s heart.

She is SO wise beyond her young years, isn’t she?

Watch her for yourself, when Molly tells Spinelli that he’s her type because she likes the brainy ones!

One other character who I have thoroughly enjoyed since he entered the canvas three months ago: Dominic Zamprogna as Dominic Pirelli/Dante Falconeri.

I just think he has a real endearing quality about him, even when he was thought to be the bad guy working for Anthony Zacchara.

And I really like the relationship/rapport developing with him and Lulu. I think he may be just the ticket for a love match with Luke and Laura’s daughter.

We’ll see.

But for today’s eppy, the bottom line is this: Will Spixie tie the knot?

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