I have to say, General Hospital has the most interesting supporting characters in daytime – hands down!
Actually, my friend, Sheri (who happens to be the best hairdresser on the planet) and I had this conversation weeks ago and I’m just now getting around to writing about it.
First of all, I am so-o-o-o tired of Sonny and Carly and their endless machinations together and apart.
I am tired of the Zaccharas.
I am tired of Lulu and her pursuit of Johnny.
I am tired of Robin pushing away Patrick and their endless conversations about whether or not he’s ready to be the baby daddy.
And I am tired of Jason being Sonny’s doormat.
Rant ended.
Here’s what I LOVE about GH and what keeps me watching.
Top of the list – Bradford Anderson as computer geek Damien Spinelli and Carolyn Hennesy as super-smart, lady lawyer, Diane Miller.
Those two alone keep me watching.

Anderson and Hennesy both have an amazing talent for playing funny.
And one other great thing about these two.
They really go above and beyond for their fans. How great is that?
Anderson plays the assasin of cyberspace “The Jackal” and talks about himself in the third-person.
He has these weird – albeit appropriate – nicknames for everyone and he talks so fast that it constantly amazes me how he can remember, let alone speak, the complicated dialogue.
Check out this video. It features Spinelli and his Jackal-speak.

Hennesy commands attention every time she is onscreen.
She has this bigger-than-life presence and her attention to detail in every scene is remarkable.
No matter who she is paired with, Hennesy never fails to entertain. She has chemistry with everyone.
Diane’s friendship with fellow lawyer Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) has breathed new life into Alexis’ comical side.
The two are absolutely hysterical together.
Think Lucy and Ethel.
The thing about Hennesy is that she does serious really well too.
Remember that scene with Diane and Max (Derk Cheetwood) bonding over their sorrow about Michael’s shooting? It was touching and wonderful.
And speaking of Cheetwood as Max – I have yearned for a long time to see more of him – to see him in a real storyline and to see him in a relationship.
The Diane/Max pairing is so much fun and I absolutely love Hennesy and Cheetwood together.

Diane and Max

One other supporting character who I really enjoy is Nurse Nadine Crowell (Claire Coffee).
Coffee has a very natural way of acting. She is believable and real.
And Nadine is nice…really, really nice and that’s hard to find in soap opera land. She’s so nice that she’s a bit naive in some ways – sort of like Spinelli.
When she first came on the GH scene, I was hoping that Nadine would find love with Spinelli.
After all, the two went to the Black and White Ball together.
Instead, Nadine has fallen for Prince Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) – who, in my opinion, is too dark and moody for her.
Nikolas is still pining away for his dead fiancee, Emily, anyway.
I guess you never really know where the romantic pairings will end up.
That’s just the nature of soaps.
And that’s why we crave them.

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