Carly, Carly, CARLY!
How selfish can you be?
O.K. Yes…That’s a rhetorical question, because, as everyone knows, she is about the most self-absorbed, self-centered character in soapdom.
But her most recent actions over the past two days just about had me reaching through the tube to strangle her. Although, I love Laura Wright in the role – she is the fourth Carly recast – I hate this storyline.
Carly accused her husband, Jax (Ingo Rademacher), of cheating on her, when he was actually a victim of rape.
And that’s where General Hospital‘s writers totally missed the boat. They could have turned this into an awareness that men can be rape victims and showed Jax’s struggles in the aftermath with Carly’s help.
Instead, all we hear from Carly is Po-o-or me! Me, Me, Me, it’s all about me. Oh, poor me, Jax betrayed me. That’s Carly’s mantra.
Jax was kidnapped, held captive and viciously beaten within an inch of his life by psycho-bitch Irina and her goons. Then, to amuse herself while waiting for her ex-boyfriend Jerry (Jax’s equally psycho brother) to come to the rescue, Irina threatened to kill Carly and her two sons if Jax didn’t have sex with her.
Jax tried to talk himself out of the situation for as long as he could and he also tried to escape. But when Irina threatened to kill Carly and her sons, that’s when Jax relented. There were scenes of him bound and gagged, bleeding from severe facial wounds.
Not exactly a romantic rendevous.
If the roles were reversed and it was Carly who was raped and beaten, there would be public outcry if Jax had called the situation “cheating.”
And when Jax countered with the fact that Carly voluntarily had sex with ex-husband, Sonny, following the hostage crisis while Jax and Carly were engaged – well that’s totally different, Carly says.
The only thing Carly can focus on is that Jax chose his brother instead of her.
What about the countless times that Carly has chosen Jason over Jax or any other guy….the times she has sacrificed everything to run to Jason’s rescue whether he wants her to or not?
Again different, Carly says.
That whole Irina storyline was unnecessary and disgusting. And now the writers are adding insult to injury by forcing us to watch Carly whine about the injustice committed to her!
Wake up Carly! He was forced to have sex in order to save you and your kids, you moron!
But more importantly – Wake up writers!
This storyline has turned off many loyal fans – including me.

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