Is it just me…
Or is the airborne bio toxin crisis that has been unleashed on General Hospital just not as interesting as past GH crises like the Metro Court and the Bacchanalia Ball?
The Metro Court had me riveted from the jump and I couldn’t wait to come home each day and see what happens next.
It was SO good that GH was the first soap that I turned on each day….usually it’s One Life To Live that takes priority.
And the Bacchanalia – same thing.
But I’m just not that into the latest crisis to beset General Hospital.
I think part of it is that most of the storylines leading up to the crisis just weren’t that interesting.
The worst as far as I’m concerned: Robin and her post-partum depression storyline – hate it!
Not to mention the fact that you can’t tell me that with her husband being a doctor and her best-friend being a nurse and with all the other medical professionals around her – no one could tell she was having post partum depression???
And I think the worst is yet to come judging from the previews. I just hope the baby doesn’t die. That would go from bad to worse, in my opinion.
But I don’t read spoilers. So I really don’t know.
And all the mob stuff going on before and during the crisis? A big – WHO CARES!
The only thing that I do know is that I come home from work now and watch One Life To Live first.
As for GH – I’m just not that into it.

3 thoughts on “General Hospital’s Latest Crisis: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

  1. Lola
    February 9, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    The toxin storyline is NOT as interesting as the MetroCourt or the Ball storylines. I am over the whole back and forth with Luky and Elizabeth and Sam and Jason….Over IT!!!Why are they going to make us endure the Lucky and Elizabeth together again. They are the most boring couple ever. Better yet, why would Sam be drawn to Jason again. She is like an abused wife, who just wants to be abused. Lucky was too nice to her I guess. Ridiculous!!! Kate and Sonny another Ridiculous storyline.
    I think the writers at GH need a little help. I do read the spoilers…and I just want to know why they always feel the need to blow everything up on GH? Why cant you just remodel like eveyone else does these days? The only bright spot of the entire current drama has been seeing more of the Quartmaine’s and I actually do like Robin and Patrick, though I think the Post Partum thing should be able to be diagnosed by now. Isn’t it funny how her two best friends an OBGYN and Pshychiatrist aren’t around to diagnose her or help her out with her new baby?…

  2. Kimi
    February 23, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    No it’s not just you & ITA with both the above poster & Michele … this biotoxin story ain’t all that & it wasnt’t sweepsworthy.
    Normally I don’t get to watch, or even try to watch, my soaps until the weekend but during the Metrocourt crisis in particular I watched *every day* as soon as I got of work – if I watch anything during the week after work, All My Children is normally my preference.
    But I actually just did a GH marathon over the weekend & watched it all … it really didn’t seem like a “sweeps” type of storyline, but I wondered if that was because of the lack of special effects like they used in several other “big” storylines in the past. For example, I waited for them to show Jax flying the helicopter (like they did on the bridge w/Lucky, Sam, Jason & Liz) & all the special effects to go along with that but got nada – I know times are tough financially for everyone but I think the biotoxin story could have used some special effects and not just explosions (LOL to the above poster who asked if GH only knows how to blow things up – guess that’s a cheapo special effect).
    As for Sam/Jason/Liz/Lucky … UGH! Liz/Lucky are a snoozefest unfortunately & sorry I think Sam deserves better than Jason, period. He treated her like crap when he dumped her for Liz, if Sam gets back with him (which I’m sure she will) she’d better make him work for it. While Jax trying to get to Carly was nice, I’m not a huge Jax/Carly fan (altho their elevator scenes on Friday were great!).
    I actually like the Robin postpartum story BUT totally agree that with all the doctors in Robin’s life (and in her face at work on a daily basis) it’s insane that none of them recognize the signs & that CARLY of ALL PEOPLE had to go tell Patrick? COME ON!
    I did love seeing the Quartermaines … when they ran off the list of all who died in the past year it just reiterated the gaping hole made by writers in that family & it’s a shame.
    altho I didn’t like Nik/Nadine, not sure I’m gonna like Nik/Rebecca unless she’s got some secret agenda.
    I hope Trevor left those piers to Ric so he can have some leverage with Sonny & Jason so he don’t become irrelevant so to speak. I’d also love to see him hook up w/Kate if for nothing else than to make Sonny & Claudia crazy lol.

  3. Michele
    February 24, 2009 at 10:05 am

    Kimi’s Back! Yay!
    We missed you and your always astute assessment of our fave characters on our fave soaps.
    I never thought about Trevor leaving the piers to Ric, but that would be ve-r-r-y interesting if that happened.