It looks like General Hospital is taking Luke through yet another near-death experience.
All I can ask is “Why?”
OK, I know fundamentally why. To give Tony Geary several one-man tour de force performances. And although I think Tony is fabulously talented, enough is enough, GH.
Luke’s trips to purgatory or limbo or whatever you want to call it are getting old, but there is one aspect of this story line that I am appreciating. Luke’s heart troubles are shining a spotlight on the love he shares with Tracy.
Tony Geary and Jane Elliot are wonderful actors in their own rights, but put them together on screen and they create a special kind of magic.
Luke and Tracy, surprisingly enough, are actually quite sweet together. It’s nice to see that side of characters with such tough exteriors.
These two people pride themselves on playing for keeps; they leave little room for sentimentality. But when they’re together, underneath all the bickering and posturing, there is genuine respect and love.
I think Tracy is a perfect fit for Luke. It’s been hard for him, and viewers, to accept anyone except Laura in his heart. Tracy, however, is so different from Laura that I don’t feel like Luke is betraying his now-catatonic ex-wife.
Luke and Laura are so legendary and so intertwined (even now, despite the fact Laura’s portrayer, Genie Francis, is no longer on the GH canvas) that it really required a strong personality to step in and stand side-by-side with Luke.
That woman is Tracy.
So what do you say, GH? Instead of sending Luke off to face his judgment for the zillionth time, how about devoting more scenes to this offbeat couple?
Goodness knows this show could use a little more laughter and love.

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4 thoughts on “General Hospital’s Luke needs more Tracy

    January 6, 2008 at 2:31 am

    I total Agree! I love them they are my Fav couple on gh! They are soulmates and they need to start focusing more on their relationship! But keep their awesome edge!

  2. LuNacy fan
    January 6, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    I love my LuNacy but they need some conflict. Why have the writers written them as so accepting of each other and each other’s flaws? I think it’s sweet, but it almost elmininates any potential for conflict. Come on. Edward hates Luke and Bobbie hates Tracy. Why can’t we see these two conspiring to break them up? Why isn’t there more of a “class” conflict with them? This is the typical boy from the wrong side of the track meets girl from the manor born. I love their sweetness and sassy sexiness, but they need conflict at times. Without conflict of SOME kind, be it Luke and Tracy against each other or them against something or someone else, there isn’t much of a story for them.

  3. Kara
    January 6, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    Welcome to Soapbox, LuNacy Fan and Alunatic! It’s nice to know there are others out there who enjoy this couple. I love their Lunacy moniker; it’s so fitting 🙂 Even my husband gets a kick out of them, and that’s saying something! I agree that the writers need to be careful that this pairing doesn’t lose its edge. The actors really are wonderful together, so hopefully we’ll see more of them down the road in a story that’s not mainly about Luke. Thanks to you both for posting.

  4. Kimi
    January 9, 2008 at 12:21 pm

    I definitely enjoy the Luke/Tracy scenes. I have actually enjoyed the purgatory scenes as well cuz we get to hear straight up stuff that won’t be said by the characters for the most part, in particular the POVs of Lucky & LuLu.
    However, I’m wondering if the writers are having difficulty really writing a love story w/complications for these 2 moreso because of Tony Geary’s frequent & long breaks from the show. Even if they get some conflict started, we’d have to wait awhile for it to be picked up again. but I guess it could be done if writers really tried hard enough.