Genie Francis really is quite good.
Her return to General Hospital as the iconic Laura has been much ballyhooed. So much so that I wondered if she could live up to the hype.
Silly me.
This is a daytime legend we’re talking about, after all.
From the moment Laura placed her hand on a weeping Lulu’s head and said, “Mom’s here,” I was hooked.
And bawling like a baby myself.

Genie’s portrayal even made me feel for Lulu for the first time in eons, and considering how self-absorbed and whiny and disrespectful I think Miss Spencer has become, that’s saying something.
But watching Lulu’s eyes light up with hope as she talked with her mom … and then seeing Lulu acting positively giddy afterward during Carly’s visit (Julie Marie Berman has such a wonderful smile) … I was reminded of the fact that Lulu has lived most of her (rapidly SORASed) life without her mother.
That’s gotta be extra hard on a young girl.
Both Genie and Julie have been playing their interludes beautifully. A masterful mix of joy and sorrow that seems so real in its poignancy.
I’m starting to think I look forward to their visits together as much as they do.

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