Just a few quick General Hospital thoughts:
That was a nice scene between Carly and Sonny at the MetroCourt. (See below.) It reminded me of why they actually made a good couple at one point. Of course, tender, mature moments between these two are few and far between … and are usually a sign that their romantic lives are about to blow up. Limo sex anyone?

Speaking of the secret that Clarice just spilled to Kate, those were some funny moments between Max and Diane. Those two are golden together. But I must say I was a tad annoyed with Diane. Why on earth would she think Max would “betray” Sonny by telling Kate about his romp with Carly? It made absolutely no sense, particularly coming from one of the few GH women who seems to have her head on straight.
So … it’s OK for Carly, mother of Michael and Morgan, to visit Jason at his office. (And even go grocery shopping with him, for celery’s sake!) And it’s OK for Maxie to move into Jason’s penthouse to take care of Spinelli. But it’s not OK for Elizabeth, the woman he loves, to spend any time with him at all, even in secret? What gives, GH?
As for Johnny’s trial … Oh, nevermind. That’s waaayyyy too easy to pick on. Next.
OK, I will say this about the trial: Ghost Alan! And Edward and Tracy in a story line (sort of). Yay. I really do miss the Quartermaines.
Maybe the show will find a way to squeeze Monica in, too.
Yeah, I won’t hold my breath on that either.

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