By Joshua

My soaps are a big part of my life.

I watch in good times and in bad.

But for two soaps, these are really good times.

Yes, folks. I’m talking about Days of Our Lives and General Hospital.

Both of these soaps are doing interesting stories and doing something that many soaps fail to do: incorporate their whole cast.

If you have been on any internet blogs in the last two weeks, you would know a lot of stuff went down on General Hospital.

Michele has already written a post about the Dominic/Dante story. So I will give a quick summary: Dante is Sonny’s son from a teenage fling with Olivia. Now, Dante came to town under the alias Dominic to bring down Sonny’s mob organization. No one knows that Dante is Sonny’s son. Then, Sonny found out Dominic was an undercover cop and he shot him. Olivia revealed their connection and news of Sonny’s latest spawn has reached all corners of Port Charles.

Since no one gave any piece about this Days’ story, I’ll go a bit more in depth.

Back in the early 90’s, Carly married Vivian’s nephew, Lawrence and the three left town: Carly and Lawrence to one place and Vivian to another. Then, in 2009, Carly stabbed Lawrence and returned to Salem after her hubby died. She immediately started to gravitate towards ex, Bo, whose wife Hope had moved out. Then, Vivian returned to town to exact revenge on Carly for Lawrence’s death.

Carly revealed to Bo that she killed Lawrence because of a secret: Lawrence found out he couldn’t have kids. Carly had an affair and got pregnant with a girl. When she gave birth, Lawrence threatened to kill the little girl, so Carly gave her up for adoption.

Then, 20 + years later, Lawrence threatened to find the child and kill her, so Carly stabbed Lawrence. Vivian now found out that Carly’s daughter is Melanie, the fiancee of the child she carried for nine months, Philip. Now, Vivian is going against ally Victor’s orders and is planning to kill Melanie on her Valentine’s Day wedding.

So now, with this fall out, it will affect Carly, Vivian and Melanie. And Philip, Melanie’s fiance. And Bo, Carly’s lover. And Victor, Vivian’s ally and Philip’s father. And Kate, Philip’s mother and Vivian’s rival. And Hope, Bo’s ex. And Nathan, the man who Melanie is really in love with. And Maggie, Melanie’s mother figure.

So now we have ten characters all connected in a big reveal and murder plot. This is something that not many soaps do. Often times, stories never overlap, but we have Carly/Bo/Hope’s triangle, Nathan/Melanie/Phillip’s triangle, and Carly/Vivian’s rivalry all coming together for one big super story.

Then we have General Hospital. GH’s fallout has affected, is affecting and will affect Dante, Sonny and Olivia. And Johnny, Olivia’s boyfriend. And Michael, Morgan and Kristina, Dante’s half-siblings. And Carly, Sonny’s ex-wife. And Jason, Sonny and Carly’s friend. And Lulu, Dante’s…well, we don’t quite know yet. And Maxie, Lulu’s best friend. And Jax, Mac, Patrick and Lucky, who knew Dante’s secret. And Robin, Patrick’s wife. And Lisa, Patrick’s ex flame. That’s 17 characters. Phew! This is how good stories are told.

I love this method of storytelling: bringing the majority of the cast together to make a major storyline bigger.

I hope other soaps take the hint.

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