Is it possible to be in love with a soap couple? ‘Cause I’m starting to think that’s the only explanation why I’m always so positively ecstatic whenever General Hospital‘s Jason and Elizabeth have scenes together.
OK, maybe I’m not actually “in love” with them, but I sure do like ’em a lot.
Did you see Tuesday’s scenes? Sweetness and hotness rolled into one. Yeah, yeah, I know. Hotness isn’t technically a word. But I’m in soap-couple love here. Gimme a break.
Of course, the fact that Jason and Elizabeth decided to go their separate ways, mostly for the safety of their son, had heightened my anticipation for their next meeting.
And they sure didn’t disappoint.
I’ve always loved the way they complement each other, and the scenes in the barn really illustrated that. Elizabeth brings out such softness in Jason, and Jason has a way of drawing out Elizabeth’s fire and determination. They make each other stronger and more balanced as individuals. It’s the way love should be.
Jason and Elizabeth remind me of the classic soap romances. The angst-filled ones that actually take time to develop. Nowadays, most soap couples jump into bed within a few months of knowing each other. Where’s the buildup and the investment for viewers?
In their earlier years, Jason and Elizabeth would have me yelling at the screen, “Just kiss already!” But they’d almost always pull back for one reason or another. And it kept me tuned in.
Now they have me yelling, “Just get together already!” But, truth is, that anticipation is part of their charm.
I also give a lot of credit to the actors. Steve Burton (Jason) and Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) just click. They always have. Their chemistry is off-the-charts and effortless.
Now, if I could just get a few more Jason and Elizabeth scenes in that barn, I’d be an even happier viewer.
Oh, yeah, and the paternity reveal would be nice, too.
Just sayin’.

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