Oh, no, she didn’t!
Someone please tell me I did not just see General Hospital‘s Carly tell Sonny that Jason is the father of her maybe-baby.
Did that self-absorbed, needs-every-man-in-her-life-to-adore-her-and-no-other hypocrite (no offense to portrayer Laura Wright, who is doing a fabulous job) actually drag Jason into one of her ridiculous dramas once more? (Check out the preview below of her asking Jason for her latest “favor.”)

I pray to the soap gods that Jason tells her, “Heck, no,” as he’s slamming the door on her behind.
OK, I know the latter part won’t happen. Jason and Carly have an extremely strong, bordering on strange, bond that can’t be broken come Robin or Sonny or Sam or Jax or Elizabeth or fake paternities … yada, yada, yada. It’d take something really big for him to actually kick her out (even though I think that’s exactly what she needs from him sometimes).
But please, Jason, for the love of all things relatively sane on GH, don’t say yes to her farfetched plan.
You did it once with Michael, and you’ve been moaning about the consequences of that ever since he was shot. Don’t throw all that character growth out the window for Carly.
As for Carly, I don’t really expect much character growth from her. She did have sex with Sonny … again … while in a relationship with Jax (only this time Jax and Carly were married, which makes it even more egregious in my book). So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that she would concoct some absurd cover story … once again involving Jason. It’s what she does.
I just hope Jason has the sense this time to tell her what she needs to hear: NO!

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