I love that Robin and Patrick are having a baby together on General Hospital. Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough have such natural chemistry; I believe they can make pretty much any story line work.
But, I must admit, Robin’s attitude about Patrick and his impending fatherhood is driving me a bit crazy.
I know, Patrick made it clear he didn’t want to be a father. He didn’t want to give up his freedom, he didn’t want to fail, he didn’t want to end up with a relationship like the one he has with his father … blah, blah, blah.
And I know Robin doesn’t think anything has changed.
But guess what? It has.
Before, Patrick was dealing in hypotheticals. He had no idea how he would feel if a baby became a reality. Now he does.
I just wish Robin would recognize the kind of effect her very real, tangible pregnancy could have .. and does have … on Patrick. For her to expect him to have all the answers is hypocritical considering she doesn’t have much of a clue either.
Sure, she’s known she’s wanted a baby for awhile now. Patrick, on the other hand, was convinced he didn’t.
Now that the baby is on its way, however, Patrick is proving that he does have what it takes to, well, at least be able to take care of Robin during her pregnancy. You know what? That’s an important step.

Most people, regardless if it’s a man or woman, are pretty lost when they are having they’re first child. Sometimes it can feel like riding a unicycle through a fog-filled maze. But most people make their way through it. If they’re lucky, they have someone along for the ride who’ll help them navigate the corners and curves.
If Robin would just tear down her walls and look across the rubble, she’d realize she does have that somebody in Patrick.
I understand she’s afraid to open herself up and take the chance that she’ll still end up alone in the end.
But sometimes she acts like she doesn’t know Patrick at all.
It wasn’t the hound-dogging Patrick she fell in love with; it was the kind, intelligent, flirty but monogamous man who captured her heart.
Why is she so convinced it’s the free-wheeling, womanizer part that will win out?
Cut the man some slack, Robin, and give him the chance to be a real father to your child. It’s his right, regardless of whether he planned or even initially desired a baby in his life.

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