It looks like it’s sweeps time for General Hospital again. And it appears the show is offering another real-time storyline, a la the MetroCourt hostage crisis. Only, this time, the stage is a black-and-white ball at Wyndemere.
I must say, I’m looking forward to it.
Did you see the opening? Nikolas, lying on the floor next to a prone woman and a blood-splattered mask. Shivers. And then his tortured cry?
Yeah, I think this is going to be intense.
I really enjoy when GH offers these ensemble dramas that bring various characters together. It’s fun getting to see most of the cast all in one place. It establishes new relationships and solidifies existing ones. And a little murder and mayhem always heightens the stakes.
The MetroCourt crisis took place hour by hour. It introduced us to James Craig, who turned out to be Jerry Jax. It launched Sam’s latest “career.” It resulted in the death of the beloved Alan Quartermaine. It reaffirmed the connection between Sonny and Carly. It led to Jason learning he is the father of Elizabeth’s baby. And it showed just how far Patrick is willing to go for Robin (although apparently that devotion doesn’t extend to parenthood … but I digress). Plus it mixed things up a bit by putting people together who normally don’t interact a lot. That’s always welcome.
I can only hope this sweeps will move stories along just as well. Who is Leticia’s killer? Just how dangerous is Nikolas? When will Lucky learn Jake is Jason’s son, not his? Will Luke manage to blackmail Logan into dropping Lulu? Will Spinelli finally realize Georgie’s just waiting in the wings for him? And what kind of havoc will crazy Anthony Zacchara wreak?
Yeah, I’m pretty excited. How about you?

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