Can you remember the last time General Hospital‘s Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) actually did something decent and selfless? Something that required sacrifice from him for the sake of someone else?
Yeah. Me neither.
It’s a shame, really, what Sonny has become. He used to be one cool cat. Tough but tender. The ruthless mob boss with a soft spot for women and children. The lover, the mentor, the friend.
Now look at him. Actually, don’t. It’ll just make you seethe with anger.
I should know. I yell at the TV pretty much anytime he’s on anymore.
Did you happen to catch the past couple of shows? You know, the episodes where he basically demands that Jason (Steve Burton) take over the business so that Sonny can have a life. So that Sonny can be with his yellow-bonnet-wearing, paper-doll girlfriend and frolick with his remaining comatose-free kids.
It just makes my blood boil that he’s once again asking Jason to clean up his mess, cater to his whims without question, while never giving a single thought to what Jason might want or need.
He hasn’t been a friend to Jason since … wow, I don’t think I can recall exactly when.
In fact, I’m having trouble recalling much of anything likeable about Sonny these days.
Certainly not his snooty, mothering girlfriend, Kate (Megan Ward), who has been an absolutely emasculating influence on him.
And certainly not the way he treats Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). Did you see the way he bullied the Jackal, knocking the young cyber genius into a wall for daring to talk about Sonny’s kids?

There was a time when Sonny would have taken Spinelli under his wing. He would have recognized the Jackal as someone who wants to be valued, someone who wants a place to belong. And Sonny would have nurtured and guided Spinelli’s potential, rather than belittle and abuse as he does now.
Remember Stone (See above)? And a young Jason? Both are examples of the heart and soul that once inhabited Sonny.
Good luck finding those now.

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2 thoughts on “Is GH trying to make me hate Sonny?

  1. Kimi
    May 28, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    I too can not remember the last time I liked the Sonny Corinthos character. It’s been a very very long time, before he stole Michael from AJ.
    But I was so happy & proud of Jason for letting Sonny know he doesn’t get to ride off into the sunset. Man up & handle YOUR BUSINESS Sonny, not Jason’s business. I really felt Jason’s pain when he was talking to Sonny & saying “so you can just forget Michael & go on with your life” or something like that. Tell it Jason!
    Were we as fans the problem? Accepting a mobster character because he did a few nice things & showed compassion on occassion? Sonny reminds me of Tony Soprano in that sense, in the end he was still a murdering mobster. Did the fans create this mobster monster lol.

  2. Kara
    May 29, 2008 at 12:15 am

    Hi, Kimi.
    I was cheering Jason pretty hard, too. Sonny really thinks he can have it all because, well, he’s Sonny, for goodness sake. LOL. It’s all about him and what he wants, when he wants it. I wish Jason would tell him to shove it just once. I can’t remember the last time Sonny did something for Jason; it’s always the other way around.
    Anyway, you make a good point. When we, as viewers, embrace the mobster mentality, what do we expect? But I used to think the show at least *tried* to balance Sonny out with some humanity. Nowadays? Nada.
    Thanks again for posting 🙂