Well, hello to you, Sarah Brown.
Never let it be said that this actress doesn’t know how to make an entrance.
I watched General Hospital Thursday and Friday with great anticipation … and a little fear.
In fact, ever since I heard Sarah was returning to Port Charles, I have vacillated between excitement and apprehension.
I’m excited because she is such a dynamic performer.
As GH‘s original Carly, Sarah put that character on the soap-opera map. There were times when I absolutely couldn’t stand the malicious, scheming, trouble-making Miss Benson, but I was always in awe of how much passion and commitment Sarah brought to the role.
I expect her to bring the same fire to Claudia.
But I was also apprehensive about Sarah portraying a new GH character.
More specifically, I’ve been apprehensive about how the higher-ups would handle her return.
You know what? So far, so good.
I love Sarah’s darker hair. It gives her a more sinister edge and helps differentiate Claudia from Carly.
I love her taste in clothes. Red suits her, and she has just oozed sex appeal.
I love that her first scenes were with Maurice Benard (Sonny). Yum. Those two are still positively electric together. (“Leave the shoes on.” Grrrowwll.)
I love her no-nonsense attitude. She’s bad, she knows it and she makes no apologies. Not since Faith has there been a woman who could truly run with the big boys.
I am looking forward to Claudia stirring things up in Port Charles.
So while my fear hasn’t completely dissipated, the excitement has taken charge.
Can’t wait to see what else ya got, Sarah.
Welcome back.

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