I read some more interesting casting news.
Jason Cook is heading to General Hospital.
Yep. One-half of the original, super-popular Shawn/Belle pairing on Days of Our Lives will be putting down roots in Port Charles.
I’m actually excited about this.
Why? Well, as most of you probably know, the other half of the original, super-popular Shawn/Belle pairing was Kirsten Storms. Yep. That Kirsten Storms, as in the fashion-obsessed, amusingly self-absorbed Maxie Jones who now wreaks her own brand of havoc on the citizens of Port Chuck.
I think this development shall prove very interesting.
Apparently, Jason will play a hunky doctor with a mysterious past. Hopefully that means Ian, that other doctor with a mysterious past … who is decidedly more creepy than hunky … will soon be going bye bye. (No offense to portrayer Seamus Dever, but Ian fell pretty flat for me. And now that he’s shot Michael, I have a feeling he’s not long for GH.)
If Jason and Kirsten can recapture their previous Days magic, I’d be all for a little dalliance between Maxie and the new doctor.
Although I think the mini-fashionista and Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) are cute together, I must admit that the shadow of dear departed Georgie hovers large on their relationship. I’m still angry she’s gone, and frankly Maxie seems like a poor substitute for the lady who should have been the true mate for The Jackal’s soul.
Not that I’m bitter or anything.
So welcome to GH, Jason. Just don’t disappoint me, capiche?

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One thought on “Jason Cook heading to General Hospital

  1. Kimi
    April 29, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    Hmm … could be interesting.
    I honestly was hoping that somehow, Logan & Maxie would find their way to each other … they had chemistry & plus that would really get Lulu’s goat. I have zero desire to see another Baldwin wasting his life pininig for another Spencer woman he can’t have. Been there, done that. I’d really like to see Logan quickly & truly move on to really show Lulu she ain’t all that.
    Not sure how I feel about Maxie/Spinnelli exactly yet. It’s kinda getting to the point where she’s treating him like Lulu did – calling on him when she needs something, expecting him to drop everything to cater to her, & not being a real friend to him. But somehow even tho it seems the same, Kirsten Storms somehow doesn’t make it seem as obvious & selfish as LuLu did.
    Ian fell flat for me too & I never thought he was all that cute. I’m just waiting for the Zaccaras or Jerry to tell Sonny that Ian shot Michael so he can get off my screen. It’s gotta be coming soon after that whole speech he gave faux Patrick the other day about enjoying impending fatherhood & life & all that.
    But I’m willing to give this new guy a shot.