Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital was definitely a hit or miss for me.
On the one hand, there was lots of Johnny and Lulu. Which meant I fast-forwarded through most of the show. Which means my viewing time took half as long as usual. Which in general is a good thing.
However, I must report that the fast forwarding did nothing to diminish the awkwardness that is Johnny and Lulu. And I don’t mean good awkward as in “Aw, isn’t it cute how awkward they are with each other?” I mean awkward as in “Wow. That was an awkward kiss. Are they sure they’re in love?”
Then of course there was Kate and Sonny, who normally irritate me to the core. It’s just too much smugness and arrogance … and treat-everyone-like-crudness … for one couple.
But I actually found their scenes riveting. Check them out for yourself below.

Maurice Benard and Megan Ward really shine when their characters are fighting. It’s just the actual romance part that I find lacking.
In fact, I think it says something that I find Sonny’s unholy union to Claudia far more interesting than anything he’s done with Kate.
As for Carly, I am thoroughly enjoying her quest for revenge. Nobody wreaks havoc like Carly, and if her target is Kate, then I’m gonna pull up a chair for a front-row seat.
I’m not as keen on Carly’s targeting of Jax, but I am loving the business rivalry (with a healthy dose of personal bitterness) that is brewing between Jax and Nikolas. So if Carly’s plan brings these two rich, business-savvy men head-to-head … and in a story that no way involves the mob … then I am all for it.
There were a few Quartermaine sightings. Almost always a good thing.
And Tracy plans to divorce Luke. As much as I love Tony Geary and Jane Elliott together, Luke really needs a wake-up call. He’s taken Tracy for granted for far too long. It’s high time he worked for her love.
So all in all a pretty good episode.
But GH? Today I’m really hoping to find out what’s happening with Jake. Could we step that up? Please?

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2 thoughts on “Johnny and Lulu aside, GH was pretty good

  1. SallyV
    December 3, 2008 at 7:47 am

    I totally agree with everything you wrote! I always FF through JoLu scenes, unless Spixie is involved. I really hate how LuLu’s character has been destroyed. I liked her when she first came on the show, but can’t stand the shrew now.
    I also am looking forward to Carly’s revenge. I know lots of people can’t stand Carly, but I’ve always liked her. I liked her with Jax and I’m sorry to see that end, but I think Jax has it coming to him.
    And I agree that Luke needs to earn Tracy’s love, but they need to stay together. They’re so good together!
    Last, but not least, I’m glad Skate is over and I hope Kate gets her spunk back. Sonny and Claudia could prove interesting and I’m hoping Olivia doesn’t get involved with Sonny because it would destroy her character just like Kate’s was ruined.

  2. Jennifer
    December 12, 2008 at 10:43 am

    JoLu is FF’d Material. I can’t stand Lulu and they lack chemistry. I’ve never been a Skate fan but I actually like Sonny better when he’s with Kate. Since they are over, I guess I can add his couple stuff in with the mob stuff to my FF’d list. It sucks that TPTB ruined the sexy Ric/Claudia for Sonny/Claudia It’s just a CarSon 1.0/let’s prop Sonny redo. Rick Hearst getting shafted for Maurice Bernard, again. What else is new? It kind of reminds me of when Ted King got booted out of that Lorenza/TB’sCarly duo to make room for another CarSon reunion. *sigh*