Is it just me, or is General Hospital really awful right now?
As in boring, annoying, who-gives-a flying-bed-pan awful?
For weeks I have been steering my blog in other directions, trying to stay positive as I desperately searched for something redeeming about my longtime favorite show.
But it’s getting harder and harder.
As I squirmed and fidgeted and rolled my eyes through yet another week of sub-par soapage, I came up with the following good things:
* Diane (Carolyn Henessy) with Max … or with Alexis .. or with Sonny … or with Jason … heck, with pretty much anyone but Kate.
* Robin (Kimberly McCullough) finally putting an end to her ridiculous attempt to push Patrick (Jason Thompson) out of their baby’s life. (Check out Patrick pouring his heart out below.)

* Lucky (Greg Vaughn) and Sam (Kelly Monaco). They’re kinda cute together.
* The counterfeit drug story (and the probably naive hope that it has nothing to do with the mob).
Yep, that was about it.
You know what I don’t like? A lot, and here’s just a taste:
* The Zaccharas. Anthony is fun in a cartoonish way. Plus I adore how he says “Lewwww-lewwww.” But other than that, the family has become annoying airhogs. Claudia had potential, but she quickly turned pathetic and her tale of “sleeping” with Trevor at 16 didn’t make me sympathize with her much. Johnny’s a waste for me, unless the show decides to get him off the Lulu train. She makes him decidedly unappealing.
* Lulu. She’s stupid and rude and smug and ungrateful and … did I mention stupid? And this is the heroine of the future? Ugh.
* Spinelli falling for every woman who bats an eyelash at him. He’s cute, and I know his acceptance of and innocence with women is part of his charm, but dude, give it a rest. We’re not all goddesses. (Just a select few. Hee.)
* Anna. Note to GH: Anna is a smart, sophisticated, kick-butt super spy who took on mob bosses and more during her tenure in Port Charles. You’re telling me that this amazing woman is ashamed and afraid of being a grandmother? It’s a disgrace. Sure, it may get some laughs, but when did Anna become a punchline? She’s too strong a character for that.
* Noah/Eli. Was that a massive groan I heard across the GH nation as Noah (the brain surgeon!) looks primed again to fill in for Eli (the rock star!). Huh? As if once wasn’t enough for this schtick? If you’re looking for an excuse to have Rick Springfield perform on the show, why not just say Noah got bit by the singing bug last go ’round and wants to try it himself? Much, much simpler and less eyeroll worthy.
* Kate. Unless she’s ragging on Lulu, I have no use for her. (Although seeing her sharpen her claws for Carly was a mite entertaining.) I find very little about her endearing, but maybe I’m just missing the wonder found in the snooty, high-handed, backstabbing world of a fashionista.
* Matt possibly being bad. Listen, GH, you just went that road with Ian. Please, please, please, please give us another contract-role doctor who is decent besides Patrick. Please. If you must let Matt look sinister to start, just to build suspense and whatnot, fine. But please let him be working undercover to find the supplier of the counterfeit drugs.
* Jason being involved in the summer “teen” story. I love the character of Jason and adore Steve Burton, so I usually don’t complain when he’s on my screen. But for Gotti’s sake, GH, Jason’s THE mob boss now. Does he really need to be part of this particular story line when he has his own stuff to deal with? Namely a hidden paternity revolving around a son he gave up because of said mob life — which leads me to …
* Elizabeth and her lack of story. Hello, GH? You have a wonderful, beautiful actress here playing a smart, warm, accessible, hard-working heroine, and you can only use her once a week? Gah. She’s Jason’s secret love with Jason’s secret child. (See some of Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst‘s amazingly emotional scenes below.). And you can’t find something to do with that? For shame.

* The Karpovs. Oh, goody. Just what GH needed. More mob. You know, I like and enjoy the mob stories. I do. But that’s not all I want to see. Give me a little balance.
OK, I have ranted plenty. But you see what I mean?
And this is the soap that recently won Best Daytime Drama at the Emmys.

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2 thoughts on “Lately, GH has been a boring mess

  1. Lola
    July 22, 2008 at 1:06 pm

    I agree. I am a GH fan and thought they had a really good year last year and deserved the best daytime drama emmy, but it has been down hill lately. Lulu, is awful. At one point with the whole Georgie, Dillon pregnancy triangle, she had the potential to develop into a really good character, but it has been down hill from there. Both her and Lucky don’t seem to have the Spencer smarts that Luck, Bobbie and Laura had. They need to figure out a way to drasticly improve her character…or they should just let Anthony kill her off. I do like Johnny too, but he needs more than to hover around Lulu all day. I am hoping that with the start of Night Shift, they will be able to breathe some life into the GH Daytime storyline, as well.

  2. Kara
    July 23, 2008 at 12:04 am

    Hi, Lola.
    ITA about the Spencer kids and their blatant lack of Spencer “smarts.” It’s just recently I’ve been able to enjoy Lucky again because I thought he was showing some promise with this counterfeit drug story. But we’ll see.
    And it’s a shame I can’t appreciate Johnny more. I think Brandon Barash has appeal, but Johnny’s Lulu admiration is just inexplicable to me. All she does is yell, shriek and cry. Where’s the romance in that?
    Thanks for your thoughts!