I never thought I would say this…
But I’m really liking Maxie and Spinelli as a pair.
As in a romantic pair.
I really never thought it would work for me.
Mainly for two reasons.
a. because Maxie has been sleazy and slutty and has done some pretty despicable things.
and b. because I absolutely LOVED and anticipated the pairing of Spinelli with Georgie, Maxie’s sister.
Of course they never really got the chance to be together because “Wise Georgie” was killed off the show before that happened.
Don’t get me started on that subject…..grrrrr.
Because all of the above reasons – coupled with the fact that I absolutely adore Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and think he deserves the most loyal, wonderful love interest in the whole world – I held out little hope for my acceptance of Spixie.
However, when Maxie (Kirsten Storms) began working for Fashionista Kate Howard (Megan Ward) a metamorphosis slowly occurred.
Maxie turned from a scheming, slutty vamp into a confident, reliable, serious, hard-working young woman.
She has done a 180 right down to her clothes, which are now very classy as opposed to very slutty.
In Spinelli speak, Maxie went from being “The Bad Blonde One” to “Maxinista.”
It’s taken this long for me to actually think that I can accept this pairing – and now I love them together.
Who woulda thought?
And I know where the turning point came for me.
It was during these scenes.

Don’t you agree?
Aren’t they cute?

One Response to “Maxie Jones and Damien Spinelli: An Unlikely (But Adorable) Pair”

  1. I think it will still take some getting used to, but I’d like to see GH try a Maxie/Spinnelli pairing. It could be interesting. It’s obvious they genuinely care for one another. They are very cute together. and sticking it to Lulu is incentive for me as well 🙂