I am loving Olivia on General Hospital, as played by the wonderful Lisa LoCicero.
It’s been so refreshing to have someone on the show who calls Connie/Kate on all her garbage, instead of worshipping her higher-than-thou, shallow ways.
When Olivia took Kate to task right before the wedding, I cheered her on.
But despite what Kate thinks, I don’t believe Olivia’s hostility stems from jealousy.
I mean, seriously, what does Kate have that anyone would be jealous of?
Her friends? That’s a laugh. Does she even really have any?
Her life? Basically one big lie? No thanks.
Her fiance? The man who repeatedly cheats on her? Um, no.
Olivia seems to truly love her cousin and wants what is best for her. I don’t blame her for feeling hurt by the way Kate turned her back on her family. Kate has been selfish and disrespectful, but Olivia obviously cares that her cousin lives a full, happy life.
The way she’s turned into a bulldog about Kate’s care — taking on Sonny, Jason, Patrick and Robin — has been a beautiful, unapologetically brash, thing. (Check out some of her scenes below.)

Maybe if she keeps this up, I might actually care what happens to Kate … simply because Olivia cares.

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