By Michele Dargan

First they break up Spixie….

Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli). Spixie in happier days. Photo: ABC

And now they’re turning Spinelli dark.

Why is it that soap writers feel the need to take something reaalllly good – and turn it bad?

And even worse, they are not being true to the character – at all!!

That’s one of my biggest problems with the soaps – taking a really good character and turning him into a bad guy on a dime.

(One Life To Live does it a lot, but that’s a blog for another day!)

I give all the credit to whomever thought up the concept of Damian Spinelli and executed all of the brilliant writing I so fondly refer to as Spinelli-speak.

Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) was so different from most soap characters.

He had a genuine goodness through and through….someone unable to lie or show meanness toward anyone.

It was certainly not the norm that he forged a lasting and profound friendship with someone who is his polar opposite – Jason Morgan, the mob enforcer.

But, again, that was part of Spinelli’s charm…he could see past the outer Jason to his inner good qualities.

Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) and Steve Burton (Jason). (ABC/Ron Tom)

I loved the innocence, yet deep wiseness of Spinelli’s character….

Spinelli – the nerdy, off-beat computer geek who endeared himself to all….

Where has he gone?

This whole revenge plot with Carly against Dante is ridiculous.

The thing is….the real Spinelli would see the illogic of Carly’s thinking in blaming Dante for Michael’s incarceration….When WE ALL know the blame is on Sonny, Jason and Carly herself for raising Michael in the life and exposing him to the mob….not to mention the entire coverup of Claudia’s killing.

It’s been a slow, yet steady progression down a slippery slope into becoming just like all the other not-so-nice characters on GH….and there are PLENTY of those.

Therein lies another big problem with GH….they kill off all the really good characters…..Georgie…Emily…..

Need I say more?

And now, slowly but surely, they’re turning Spinelli into another bad guy.

I just don’t get it!!

Kelly Monaco (Sam) and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) (ABC/Ron Tom)

Why would you take someone so special like Spinelli and turn him into just another revenge-driven character?

Sam said it best in yesterday’s eppy.

“Spinelli, I’ve never seen you act like this. It kind of scares me. I’ve never seen you so dark.”

2 thoughts on “On GH turning Spinelli to the dark side

  1. Paula
    July 21, 2010 at 4:14 am

    Hi Michele!

    Yeah Spinelli got on my nerves yesterday especially. One of my biggest pet peeves on soaps is when they start making the characters do things that are out of character. You are right Spinelli never would have gone along with Carly’s revenge plot (which is so absurd). He’s always been a rational sounding board of sorts and I hate to see him go over to the dark side. GH may be a dark soap, but it needs the contrasting light so viewers can appreciate that dark.


  2. soapbox1
    July 22, 2010 at 1:37 am

    Hi Paula!
    ITA about keeping some of the characters light and fun…and Spinelli is one of those who could always make me smile – until recently.
    I really loved the way Spin has always been the voice of reason and now, he just seems so consumed with revenge and even a rage….It’s sad that TPTB had this really great character and now they’re making him fit right in with the rest of the underbelly of Port Charles.
    I hope they turn Spin around fast and get him back on track as the good guy that he is.
    Thanks for posting!