By Michele Dargan

I never thought I’d be saying this ever again, but…..

Didn’t ya just LOVE those scenes today with Maxi and Lucky.

I did!

The thing I can’t believe is that they were talking about that oh-so-nasty chapter in their lives – and, somehow, it was okay.

Actually, it was more than okay.

It was really great to watch and it shows just how far those two characters have come.

For those who weren’t watching GH at the time, let me recap.

The previous chapter that I speak about happened a few years back. When Lucky became hooked on pain pills, Maxie stole pills from General Hospital and supplied them to Lucky so that he would continue to sleep with her. This all happened when Lucky and Elizabeth were married.

As an aside: it was Greg Vaughan portraying Lucky back then. And it is Jonathan Jackson playing Lucky today.

Jonathan Jackson as Lucky Spencer

I thought Maxie (Kirsten Storms) put it pretty well:

“The time we spent together, I feel like we saw the worst in each other. You were high and I was supplying you with drugs so that you would stay high and depend on me.”

Then Maxie offered her friendship, saying she would be there to listen if he needed to talk about things.

I also liked Lucky’s honest moments, confiding in Maxie that he really can’t forgive Elizabeth and he just keeps picturing her together with Nikolas.

Kudos to Jackson and Storms.

Bottom Line: I didn’t think I would NEVER EVER enjoy seeing these two characters in any kind of interaction again.

Just goes to show you – Never say never!

2 thoughts on “Painful Past Leads to a Renewed Friendship on GH

  1. Paula
    February 25, 2010 at 7:17 am

    Hi Michele!

    I agree, that was a nice interaction between the two and I couldn’t help thinking that they might actually make a nice couple now, if it weren’t for Spinelli. I really don’t want Maxie to hurt him again, but I think Jonathan Jackson and Kirsten Storms had an easiness in their scenes that might work well in a romance.


  2. soapbox1
    February 25, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    Ah! Good observation, Paula! I didn’t think about that until now that you bring it up.

    JJ and KS did have a nice rapport between them that might have made a nice couple at another point in time.

    But ITA, that I don’t want Spinelli hurt again.

    Thanks for posting,