It sure is nice to see the hospital on General Hospital.
It sounds silly, but as many fans can attest, ABC’s stalwart soap has too often lost touch with its namesake. In fact, I have frequently referred to the show as General Mob-is-all because the hospital was practically nonexistent.
I enjoy mob stories. Really. But I enjoy medical mysteries and sweeping romance and family dynamics, too.
Mostly, I enjoy balance in my soaps.
So when GH actually plays out its drama in the hospital, I’m thrilled.
The latest excitement at GH involves a man with a bomb strapped to his chest who is threatening to blow the place sky high if the medical staff doesn’t help his pregnant wife. The couple had been turned away because of a lack of insurance.
But it’s not just this drama unfolding. The hospital walls are brimming with activity. (And with major characters to boot!)
Nikolas is having tests to determine what his violent rages and blackouts are about.
Ghost Emily, sweet as usual but creepily happy considering she was brutally strangled to death a couple months ago, is hanging around, trying to keep Nik calm. (But does she really have to wear scrubs and an ID tag? She’s dead. I don’t think proper attire and security are really going to be an issue.)
Robin and Patrick are working together to find out what’s wrong with Nik. Of course, in between consultations, they’re taking time to engage in their usual banter, although it’s now tinged with sadness because they always come back to the same dilemma: her maternal desires vs. his paternal heebie-jeebies. Oh, yeah. And Robin keeps fainting. Dun-da-dun!
Cute-as-a-button nurse Nadine is talking with Nik, and it’s giving viewers more of a glimpse of her personality. So far, I’m really liking what I’m seeing.
Then there’s Elizabeth, who brought in infant son Jake after she rescued him from a house fire. She’s got a nasty cut on her leg that required the help of Monica. Yay! I mean, boo for Elizabeth’s profusely bleeding artery, but yay for Monica getting something to do.
There was a Mac sighting (yay again) as the cops were called in.
Even Lucky and Scott and the mayor are involved. And let’s not forget the hospital’s supporting staff: Epiphany, Cassius, Dr. Julian, Dr. Lee, Dr. Ford.
And, of course, there’s Jason, arriving in the middle of it all as he frantically looks for Elizabeth and Jake. Sigh.
See, GH. You don’t always need the mob to stir things up. The hospital can provide an awful lot of drama on its own.

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