There’s something very familiar about Dr. Robin Scorpio.
And I don’t mean because I’ve been watching since she first set foot in Port Charles as a child in the mid-1980’s, the child of super spys Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane.
I realized the familiarity this week as I watched Robin determinedly cross her arms and stand up for herself against that slinky, ever-so-smooth student nurse Leyla – who is wasting no time on capitalizing on Robin’s oh-so recent split with her love Dr. Patrick Drake on General Hospital.
I never was a huge Robin fan.
I liked her. Just not fan-crazy like.
But I always admired her character because of her need to do the right thing – like when she told A.J. that Michael was his son and not Jason’s, which ended her relationship with Jason all those years ago.
History repeated itself again years later when she told Nikolas that he was Spencer’s father and not Jax – again doing the right thing.
And Robin hasn’t had an easy go of it….Life I mean.
Her parents were gone, presumed dead in a boating accident, only to reemerge years later – alive as only can happen on a soap.
Her first real love, Stone, contracted HIV and died from AIDS. Robin also contracted the virus and has been living with it ever since then.
Since starting her relationship with Patrick, I have come to feel an affection for Robin.
It was so cute the way they got together.
He – an egotistical, arrogant ladies man. She – a prim and proper work-a-holic, detesting the way he slept his way around the hospital.
When they ultimately got together, the two were just a joy to watch.
Part of the reason I hated the spinoff Night Shift was because the two broke up over Robin’s wanting to have a baby and Patrick’s insistence he never wanted to be a father – then jumping in bed with Leyla.
Now that horrid storyline has crossed over into General Hospital, although Patrick and Leyla haven’t slept together yet in GH world.
So on Monday, when I see Robin and Leyla in a face-off, I see something familiar about her reactions: being cold and bitchy to Leyla (who deserves it in my opinion), lashing out at Patrick over other things and pretending that it’s not about the breakup.
And there’s the brave, self-assured outer demeanor that she is handling things just fine, when, really we see that she isn’t.
Then comes her last-ditch effort: dressing up in her most fetching dress, showing up – before Leyla arrives – to a dinner date between Patrick and Leyla and then telling Patrick that she misses him.
But when Leyla arrives, she puts up her brave front again and leaves.
Over the past three days watching Robin’s reactions to all these encounters – I empathized with her. But more than that, there was something really familiar in her reactions.
And then it hit me.
Watching Robin lash out at Leyla, I realize that I see myself in her – many years ago, of course.
When I was in my 20’s like she is now.
But isn’t that what a soap is supposed to do? Draw you in. Make you relate to a character and feel passionate about the situation they’re in?
I’d say Kimberly McCullough, Robin’s portrayer, hit the mark for me.
So Robin, I feel your pain.

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One thought on “Robin Scorpio, I Feel Your Pain

  1. Kimi
    October 16, 2007 at 11:01 am

    I wouldn’t call myself a “Robin Fan” either, altho I’ve always liked the character & enjoyed her storylines. Wish they’d find something for Anna/Robert to do onscreen so we can see them more often.
    I kind of wish Jason wasn’t getting into Elizabeth cuz then he might hook up w/Robin & it would serve Patrick right to be jealous over Jason cuz of his past history w/Robin.
    This is actually a lopsided breakup in a sense. Not to disrepsect folks w/HIV, but it made perfect sense for Patrick to get with Robin cuz he understood the disease, & could’ve made sense w/Jason cuz he never cared about it (altho he may now since he’s a father). It’ll be harder for a normal person, understandably, to look past that.