By Michele Dargan

It looks like we’re heading into the home stretch with that DREADFUL Liz/Lucky/Nikolas triangle on General Hospital.

And, I must say, it can’t finish soon enough for me!

Thank goodness Rebecca (Natalia Livingston) spotted Liz and Nik in the throes of passion Friday – which means that she will tell Lucky.

Amen to that!!!

I mean is anyone else sick of the unending scenes with Liz telling Lucky how much she loves him and wants to be a wife to him……and 5 minutes later she’s either making out or making love to Nikolas, who happens to be Lucky’s brother!

Elizabeth and Nikolas Ron Tom/ABC

Elizabeth and Nikolas

Ron Tom/ABC

For one thing, I’ve had a love/hate feeling for Elizabeth over the past few years.

I always liked Liz….until she started hating on Sam a couple of years back.

I have to say that I totally agreed with Sam…that Elizabeth put herself out there as this paragon of virtue and she was so NOT if you check her track record for ONS.

It’s called being a hypocrite.

That’s why, a couple of weeks ago, I was heartened by that scene when Sam was coming out of Kelly’s Diner and Elizabeth apologized for being so mean to Sam a few years back.

Sam McCall

Sam McCall

William Foster/ABC

I actually really liked Liz again – after the whole Jason debacle.

And now this!

Cheating on Lucky with his brother and lying to Lucky telling him that she wants to make a life with him!

I just can’t help feeling sorry for Lucky. I mean how many times does he have to get hurt?

Elizabeth and Lucky

Elizabeth and Lucky

Ron Tom/ABC

But I must confess, I’m not really relating to the “original” Lucky, Jonathan Jackson. TPTB bumped fan favorite Greg Vaughan for Jackson a few weeks back.

But what I can’t understand is – why?

Many fans are not happy that Vaughan was let go – me among them.

I don’t have anything against Jackson. He’s a fine actor. But I just don’t look at him as Lucky.

For one thing, I think he looks too young for the part and doesn’t look like he’s a match with Rebecca Herbst.

Just my opinion.

I really, really like Herbst. She’s very talented and does a wonderful job with the character. But she needs some good writing for Elizabeth.

Hello, writing team!

But, getting back to the triangle….

The sooner it’s over the better.

2 thoughts on “Soooo Over the Liz/Lucky/Nik GH Triangle

  1. Paula
    December 7, 2009 at 10:10 am

    I think I officially ran out of patience with Liz last week when she begged Lucky to marry her, knowing that was something she didn’t want. She is playing too many games with him and I think he would be better off with someone else for a while. Also I cannot tell you how glad I am to see another blogger agree with me about the whole Jonathan Jackson/Greg Vaughan debacle! I agree that Jonathan Jackson is likable and he is a good actor, but he hasn’t aged much since he left this role years ago. I think this makes him look out of place when he is in scenes with RH & TC. I don’t know, it is just like watching a different character or something, it is weird.


  2. soapbox1
    December 7, 2009 at 11:20 pm

    Hi Paula,
    ITA agree about Liz begging Lucky to marry her. I mean really, that was the final straw! It just makes her character look like a total hypocrite.

    And JJ does look a lot younger than RB and TC.

    Thanks for posting!