How cute are General Hospital‘s Georgie and Spinelli? So cute that I was downright giddy during their recent scenes at the penthouse. And, believe me, I’m at an age when truly giddy moments seem to get fewer and farther between. But there I was, grinning like I’d just seen Some Kind of Wonderful for the first time.
That’s the key, I guess. The interplay between Georgie and Spin reminds me of some of my favorite love stories, where two people are friends but one secretly wishes it was much more.
I recognize that Spin and Lulu have that undercurrent, as well, but I never saw them as a real match. Lulu doesn’t appreciate Spinelli physically, and Spinelli appreciates Lulu so much that it’s unrealistic. There is a definite lack of balance.
With Georgie, however, I see true possibilities. I see equals rather than worshipper and worshippee.
As soon as Spinelli opened the penthouse door to reveal Georgie standing there, I smiled.
Then it hit me how much sense it makes for Georgie to be interested in The Jackal. She likes her guys quirky. Case in point: Dillon. Ironically enough, about five seconds after I had that thought, Georgie voiced it. She is The Insightful One, Spin!
Lindze Letherman (Georgie) really lights up when she’s in scenes with Bradford Anderson (Spinelli). Of course, who wouldn’t? The character of Spinelli is one of the best things to hit daytime in a while. That’s exactly why he needs a girl like Georgie who can really appreciate all that he has to offer. Not only does she appreciate it, but she is attracted to it.
I hope GH sticks with this pairing. It’s sweet and fresh, yet still entertaining, and it provides a nice counterbalance to the bed-hopping, back-stabbing aspects of the Lulu/Logan/Maxie/Coop saga.
Plus, how great would it be to see Georgie win out over Lulu (Julie Marie Berman), especially after the shabby way Dillon (Scott Clifton) treated his one-time wife?
Georgie and Spin are sweet, loyal people who deserve to find someone to love who truly loves them back. If GH has any sense, they’ll make sure these characters find that connection with each other.

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One thought on “Take Georgie for a Spin

  1. Michele
    September 5, 2007 at 11:14 am

    Hey Kara, You beat me to the punch! I was thinking the exact thing when watching Georgie and Spin yesterday….I also had a smile on my face. I love both Lindze and Bradford – and, yeah, it would be great if Georgie can one-up Lulu!
    P.S. Loved you Nash/Antonio blog too. We are of like minds on that issue as well:)