It’s been fun watching Tamara Braun play the obsessive, aggressive and possessive Ava on Days of Our Lives.
But it’s still hard for me not to think of her as Carly on General Hospital.
It’s not that Tamara’s not capable of playing another character. Nor is she the only actress who comes to mind when I think of the role of Carly. In fact, GH has done amazingly well recasting the part throughout the years.
No, what hit me is the fact that Ava really isn’t that different from Carly, which is why Tamara’s characterization seems so familiar. And that in itself is funny.
I guess I have to admit the truth. Carly (now played by Laura Wright) is obsessive, aggressive and possessive. In fact, at times she’s pretty doggone close to being certifiable. She’s just been doing it longer … and I’ve somehow become de-sensitized!
Come to think of it, Sarah Brown‘s Claudia Zacchara is obsessive, aggressive and possessive, too.
Hmmmmm … coincidence?

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