By Silas Kain
As a soap opera aficionado for the better part of my life I’ve seen many tales told over the years which I could take or leave.

You know the drill.

Stories get remade, retold, repeated or as I like to call them regurgitated.

In the last decade it seems there’s been a gradual decline in the appeal of General Hospital.

Absent from the canvas have been those compelling stories which began around nurses stations, in operating rooms or on exotic spy missions.

Robert and Anna Scorpio

I admit, I wasn’t there from Day One.

I remember a little about Audrey & Steve Hardy, and I even remember Jesse Brewer.

Jessie Brewer and Steve Hardy

But my time with GH really began in the days of Edward and Lila, Monica and Allan, ELQ, the Cassadine wars and the saga of the Scorpios.

Edward and Lila Quartermaine

On January 31, 2011, General Hospital came full circle and has been given an opportunity few, if any, soap operas have ever enjoyed.

When Dante said to Jason, “let him have the win” the first thought which popped into my mind was, “yes, Mr. Guza, let Michael have the win”.

Let’s take a quick trip down Memory Lane so you get where I’m coming from.

Over the years, Michael has been the focal point of so much drama.

His conception, the secrets of his paternity, battles for custody and his shooting all have been the axles in the story wheels we’ve watched turning. Michael is the one character who connects all characters. He’s the legacy character we dare not recognize by virtue of his birth.

When Michael finally ended up in prison and it was obvious the story line was about to take a very dark twist I was more than concerned. I had problems with how the writers would take this story and bring it to a satisfying conclusion – not only for us but for Michael.

Come on now. You and I both know we haven’t been overly thrilled with the lame story lines. Like it or not, this whole mob boss do gooder swill has reached the breaking point. The writers have brought us from the cradle to manhood with Michael and, as usual, they’ll blow it once again and deprive us of damn good soap opera. Think about it…

Carly & Jax – She may have been many things over the years but there’s one thing which is hard to dispute. Carly is the Mamma Grizzly Sarah Palin can only dream of being. She’s sacrificed plenty for Michael. Sure, Michael has been an unwilling victim in many of her schemes, but the bond this mother and child have shared since birth is undeniable.

Enter Jax. The love Jax has for Carly’s children is real on every level.

Jax and Carly Photo: ABC

His arrogance as a tycoon is diminished by his genuine affection and loyalty to his step children. He’s even agreed to make Morgan his own son – not out of some mean spirited rebuke to Sonny. He did it because – for all intents and purposes – Jax knows that he is the father Morgan should have had in Sonny.

The fallout of Michael’s rape could serve to bring Carly and Jax together in such a way that it would take a thousand Brendas and a dozen Balkans to drive them apart. Their children are the fuel that fires their passion. General Hospital needs a solid, happily married couple on the canvas. Carly and Jax are that couple.

Jason – He’s had his share of drama over the years. Whether it be in the mansion wading his way through the miserable dynamics of a dysfunctional family or being a stoic enforcer for the romantic Sonny, there remain still waters which run very deep.

There is but one core character who breaks the ice of Jason Morgan – Michael.

Michael (Chad Duell) and Jason (Steve Burton) in jail.

He’s an uncle, a father figure, a friend and ultimate loyalist. Unlike the women in Jason’s life, there are no conditions with Michael. They love each other with no strings attached – no pretenses. It’s the purest love ever seen on this show.

And now Jason has faced Michael’s rape head on.

How will the writers handle it? Will this cause Jason to break? How will this affect his relationship to Sonny?

And how much guilt will Jason bear in the coming years for the cruel torture Michael has suffered? The Jason we know would seek revenge – or would he?

The writers, of course, will probably find a way to direct all our attention to punishing Franco but that’s the cheap way out. There are repercussions so far reaching that they could change the face of General Hospital for the next 20 years.

The Davis ladies – We all know how Sam fits in to the scenario with Jason. But what about Alexis, Kristina and Molly?

Kristina, Molly and Alexis Davis

Though Alexis and Carly detest each other for the most part, their children provide them a connection. Alexis Davis, the lawyer, would want to seek legal revenge on the highest scale. She can’t. Who does she fight? Carter is dead.

She’s got to reach down into her Cassadine genes and find a way to protect her girls and help them each deal with the aftermath. There are dozens of compelling story lines which could be woven for them. The actors who play these roles have proven themselves especially Nancy Lee Grahn. She’s got the talent, the skill, the history to make the fallout for her girls something GH fans could discuss for months, if not years. And in keeping her own household in order, she’s got to be a source of comfort to Sam who will have to deal with the rage locked within Jason.

The Quartermaines – Edward Louis Quartermaine, the patriarch of a clan which has been the heart of GH for decades would not take the rape of his grandson lightly. Edward is a lot of things but when it comes to Michael the only other human being who has softened Edward as much as this boy is Lila.

And then there is Monica. She’s lost so much – her husband, A.J., Jason and her beloved Emily. All she has ever wanted was to be a grandmother with a place in Michael’s life. What’s so bad about that? And, doesn’t it make complete sense to see Jason turn to Monica at this time? Michael is AJ’s offspring. From the hour of his birth, Jason took it upon himself to be Michael’s protector. In the end, Jason failed. Who else can he turn to but his mother?

There are the fringe Quartermaines as well. There’s Tracy, wife of Luke who just happens to share DNA with Michael. There’s Brooke Lynn, Maya and her Spencer-husband Ethan. Connect the dots. Have you ever seen a character in the history of daytime with the tentacles of Michael Corinthos?

The Spencers – In the aftermath, where is Barbara Jean? She’s had her share of tragedy with her children. If there was ever a time when Carly’s situation demanded the presence of her mother it is now.

There’s Luke the reluctant uncle and a Quartermaine by marriage. There’s Lucky, who valiantly rescued Elizabeth so long ago after another brutal rape. But there’s another layer for Lucky as the cop who urged his cousin Michael to “do the right thing”. In other words, there has to be some level of guilt there.

As I indicated for Ethan there’s the Quartermaine connection but there’s also the mob connection. He could have his hands full juggling all the dynamics of the fallout from the mansion to the casino to Johnny’s penthouse.

And then there’s Lulu. It hasn’t been easy for her considering her childhood. She finds this guy she’s attracted to who turns out to be Sonny’s long lost son. She falls in love and stands by his side as Dante dispatches Michael’s fate to a judge. Now that she’s discovered Dante’s deception, will her love override her ego so that she can be there to help hold the pieces together not only for the man she loves but for her family?

Sonny – I didn’t save the best for last. Quite the contrary. In many ways the mob story lines escalated with the birth of Michael. Sonny’s so called love of Michael has allegedly been his driving force in most of his adult life.

Maurice Benard as Sonny (ABC/Michael Yarish)

But in the end, Sonny failed miserably – more so than Jason ever could.

It should have been Sonny who went to prison to protect his son. It should have been Sonny who took the bullet that changed Michael’s life forever. It should be Sonny who suffers as much as Michael when he learns of the brutality imposed upon his son.

Instead Sonny is all gaga over Brenda and can’t see the chick peas in his pasta fagioli. This is a watershed moment not only for Michael and Sonny but for the entire General Hospital universe. Out of the darkness can come such light and renewal where preoccupation with Mario Puzo plot lines revert to solid daytime drama which incorporates inter-generational family dynamics.

THAT is soap opera.

THIS is what fans long for.

For the time being, Sonny must go. It has nothing to do with actor. It has to do with character – no, not Sonny the character – the character of a long running soap opera.

The Remainder – Perhaps you finally get where I’ve headed here. There are others as well who share a history with Michael or with his situation. There’s Robin, she’s been there from Michael’s birth. There’s Elizabeth a fellow rape victim who could really serve to help Michael heal unlike anyone else on the canvas. There’s Max and Milo – Sonny’s enforcers but softer than a roll of Cottonelle. This would devastate them both. There’s Mike, the grandfather who has never had an opportunity to unconditionally prove himself to his son and grandchildren. Sonny needs a father whether he likes it or not. And Sonny’s children need the constant unequivocal love and support that Mike has always provided when called upon. And for a new character in the mix, Abby is becoming a lightning rod. She is the one who can shield Michael from his self doubt. She can identify with the demons and help Michael heal in concert with Elizabeth.

The Moral of the Story – First of all, props and accolades to Chad Duell who has taken on the daunting role of Michael Corinthos and executed his profession brilliantly.

Chad Duell as Michael on GH. Photo: ABC

If this young man is an indication of what we have to look forward to in this new generation of actors we are blessed. His performance is worthy of awards from a host of organizations.

Beyond young Mr. Duell’s stellar performance is the sense that Michael has brought General Hospital full circle.

The mob wars stories of days gone by are eclipsed by Pentonville.

Michael has been the glue which has held more than one family together.

Michael’s life has touched 95% of the lives of Port Charles residents. The writers have provided themselves with an opportunity which rarely occurs. They can take this story line and apply it in such a way they can bring old viewers back and create a new generation of General Hospital enthusiasts.

After watching Monday’s episode, I am reminded of David Hasselhoff’s performance in Jekyll & Hyde. As Dr. Jekyll takes that flask in his hand he sees this as his pivotal moment. Henry Jekyll passionately sings, “Give me this moment – This precious chance – I’ll gather up my past; And make some sense at last!”

This is Bob Guza’s Henry Jekyll moment and what he spins from the violation of Michael will be his legacy.

Let’s hope he doesn’t allow this moment to slip through his hands.

65 thoughts on “This is your moment, Michael Corinthos…

  1. krystal
    February 1, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    This is an amazing article. I really hope tptb read it and take notes about what should happen.

  2. Amanda Lampkins
    February 2, 2011 at 5:37 pm

    This was an outstanding synopsis surrounding this
    latest storyline affecting Michael Corinthos. Every
    single tie you list was stellar. I cannot disagree with anything. The best point was about Jason and Michael’s relationship. “Pure” didn’t come to my mind until I thought about it. It fits perfectly.
    Watching Steve Burton and Chad Duell as this
    storyline unfolds is an utter pleasure. Chad Duell
    is inconceivably good. Watching Stone Cold’s agony expressed punches the heart. So far it has been worth watching in it’s inital stages.

  3. Inbal
    February 2, 2011 at 6:52 pm

    Amazing Blog!!!
    Especially the part about Jason and Michael!!!
    Jason is more a father than Sonny to Michael!! Their connection is probably the strongest on the show!! Jason is always there helping Michael,he raised him since he was a baby and he never never left him!!

    This week scenes w/Steve B and Chad were the most powerful scenes I seen in GH in many months!!

  4. brwnsugar33
    February 2, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    This is a great article and I wish that Liz and Monica were part of this storyline because Liz being a rape survivor and Monica being Micheal’s grandmother and this would be a great way to bring Jason and Jake into the mix and tie the canvas together. I would have love to have watched this storyline unfold and see Jason try and help Micheal and to see what kind of impact it would had done to Jason as he realizes that Jake needs him in his life and that danger comes from everywhere.

  5. Cyndi
    February 2, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    Thank you Silas for speaking up and supporting GH!
    I believe that Michael’s rape could be the perfect story line to bring in other loved characters like Elizabeth Webber. She survived a brutal rape and can help Michael and even Carly and Jason deal with the after math. Fans want to see characters past history used to tie stories together and give them heart and soul. GH really needs to Re- hire Rebecca she is a character with so many ties to the canvas, she is love by her peers and by the fans!

  6. GHfan
    February 2, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    Liz has no place in Michael’s rape story. She barely knows him, and today Michael said it was hard enough to tell the people he loves. Why would he tell a virtual stranger. The person who will help Michael are those who have been in his life: Sonny, Carly, Jason and now Abby. These are the people who Michael loves and trusts. This isn’t a situation where just because one person has gone through it, it makes her an expert. And as I recall, last time Liz brought up her rape was to use it to get Rebecca to not spill the beans about her affair with Nik. Doesn’t sound like a good therapist to me.

  7. GHfan76
    February 2, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    brwnsugar33 took the words out of my mouth. It’s sad I won’t be able to watch this s/l unfold as you envisioned, because they do not write GH like they used; in turn I have stopped watching as of last week.

    Great blog! So insightful. Thank you!

  8. Silas Kain
    February 2, 2011 at 10:25 pm

    I’ve received some concerning comments from Maurice Benard & Sonny fans for what I’ve said. Let me set the record straight because I do not like having words put into my mouth. Take emotions (fan loyalty) out of the equation for a minute. Think about the Hell Sonny has been through since the beginning. Think about Sonny’s own emotional problems and demons. Now think about how a man like Sonny would react to the rape of his beloved son.

    Putting all the focus on Franco is the coward’s way out! Franco cannot be the scapegoat here. Sonny needs to experience his own journey into the darkness to come to terms with what has happened. That’s how good soap opera is written. I’m not advocating firing anyone on GH – quite the contrary. The tapestry woven from this tragic set of events must come from all corners of General Hospital. Michael was brutally raped. It affects 95% of the people in Port Charles. This is an opportunity for Mr. Guza to bring GH back to the place it should be. Sometimes one has to lead one out of the forest to see the trees.

  9. RedCanuck
    February 2, 2011 at 10:40 pm

    This article is not only about GH but should serve as a guide for anyone involved in soaps. We are in danger of losing them forever and in doing so would lose the incredible performances we saw this week. For every naysayer about soaps, I would challenge you to watch Chad Duell in this groundbreaking and heartbreaking story. The real essence of soaps is character, family and relationships. Relationships between spouses, friends, and family are the backbone in a soap. This week we saw this in spades as Michael told his hearbreaking story to Jason. Chad and Steve Burton (understimated in my book) delivered in spades.
    Only a soap could develop this relationship over many years and have the viewer completely understand how much Jason has loved this child. It was not only GH at
    its best but acting at its best. ABC pay attention. This is great drama.

  10. Saher M
    February 2, 2011 at 11:21 pm

    it would have been a moving storyline, jmo, is they had involved liz in michael’s rape s/l, jmo. gh’s tptb stinks, jmo.

  11. Mira
    February 2, 2011 at 11:38 pm

    I love how you tied everything together, the way soaps should be written. You should be writing this story. I think Sonny should stay, but I respect your opinion. There are many potential branches to this story that touch on the majority of characters, and I like that you brought Elizabeth into it. This would be the perfect story for Elizabeth right now because she’s been through the trauma, as you said. Soaps are about emotional connections, family connections, and relationships.

  12. Silas Kain
    February 3, 2011 at 12:04 am

    The irony is that Elizabeth is the most logical character for Jason to turn to in light of Micheal’s rape. She would understand on several levels: as a rape victim; as a woman who went through Jason’s journey with Michael; and as the father of one of her sons.

    This self imposed isolation by Jason would serve as stormy seas for him with Sam. And, to add insult to injury, Sam is going to have to focus her attention on her sisters and mother. There are SO many dynamics at play here.

  13. Spin's Vixenella
    February 3, 2011 at 12:40 am

    Excellent article! Fans are hungry for GH to honor its rich history and intergenerational family relationships. It is so bittersweet to see the clips of GH’s glory days. I loved characters like Steve and Audrey Hardy and Lila Quartermaine. I never knew my own grandparents, but I always imagined they would be like them.

    I am disappointed beyond measure to hear GH has no further story to tell for the granddaughter of Steve and Audrey Hardy. The firing of Rebecca Herbst and the dismissal of Elizabeth Webber from the GH canvas signals for me the final death knell for the GH I once loved. For the past few years, I felt hit after hit as GH wrote off great characters like Alan and Monica Quartermaine, Bobbie Spencer, Laura Spencer, Leslie Webber, Robert and Anna Scorpio, and many more. However, in my mind, I comforted myself with all the many stories I watched those beloved characters tell over the years, and I rationalized how each of them left an indelible mark on the next generation leaving behind their children or grandchildren. But, losing Elizabeth Webber now, as a young woman whose life’s stories have barely begun, is almost too much to bear.

    I fell in love with Liz, a rebellious teen unceremoniously dropped on her Grandma Audrey’s doorstep. I watched her fight her way back from a horrific rape while falling in love with Lucky Spencer. Theirs was one of the last truly great love stories GH has told. I saw her come to terms with the unthinkable when she thought Lucky died. I watched her dreams of becoming an artist fade as the reality of her life as a single mother set in. I watched as she followed in her family’s proud heritage of service in becoming a nurse at GH. It is just unimaginable to me there are no stories left to tell for the young, beautiful single mother who literally gave birth to the next generation of key GH characters. There is no story left to tell for the granddaughter of Steve Hardy and mother of Jason Morgan and Lucky Spencer’s children. What does that say for the future of General Hospital or at least the General Hospital I know and love?

    GH has the most talented ensemble cast in all of television. They have nearly 50 years of rich history with some of the most memorable characters in daytime or primetime, and GH is still creating fascinating, memorable characters like Damian Spinelli, but GH fails to follow through in telling these characters’ stories. I want GH to succeed. I want it to be the way I know it can be, but GH has to get back to its roots. It has to delve into characters’ motivations, not just plot points, and it needs to treat its audience with respect like the educated, sophisticated group I believe them to be. I am hopeful Michael’s story will reconnect the families and beloved characters of GH’s past and integrate them into the next generation of unforgettable characters and stories.

  14. Iesha
    February 3, 2011 at 4:50 am

    I love this article and it makes no sense that Elizabeth and Monica are not apart of this storyline cause Liz is a rape survivor and Monica is the grandmother. Elizabeth could tell her story to Michael and guide him through all of the stages that rape victims go through. Monica can give Michael a grandmothers love and not judge him from not being so angry. GH will need to step up and add these two ladies to this storyline and tie the canvas together.

  15. Tasha
    February 3, 2011 at 4:54 am

    Thank you Silas for writing this piece and the reason I will not be watching this storyline unfold is because Elizabeth who is a rape survivor is not part of this storyline. Elizabeth and Jax could be the ones to help Michael. This storyline could bring up memories of what happened to Elizabeth and can finally help Jax deal with what happened to him as well. This storyline could have potential but until Elizabeth is part of this storyline then this storyline will not have the impact on the viewers at all.

  16. Tiffany
    February 3, 2011 at 4:58 am

    This article is very good but I will not be watching because GH has not thought to use the only rape survivor in this storyline who would understand what Michael is going through. Elizabeth would be a great asset to make this storyline powerful and make sure that the viewers understand what a rape survivor has gone through.

  17. Molly
    February 3, 2011 at 5:02 am

    Elizabeth should be a part of this storyline being that she is a rape survivor but no they have taken what could be a great storyline and is going to mess it up. I will not be watching this show.

  18. Natalie
    February 3, 2011 at 8:13 am

    Wow what a great article and truly insightful and I agree with everything you said. I was looking forward to how this storyline would play out but I myself have lost interest in it due to the sleaze factor as it has slowly played out. Plus introducing a new character to this storyline when vets are not being utilised and should be angers me. The story had the potential to become another well written socially responsible storyline but has fallen short once again. I believe Jason has known all along Michael was raped and I believe he has not been written favorably by having him sit on his hands while he Michael suffered. Elizabeth could have been a sounding board for him on how to reach and help Michael. Jason himself has personal experience of how rape affects the victims of it, in his own sister Emily and with Elizabeth. He also knows how not getting professional help can affect victims. At first Jason had the right instinct in suggesting Michael needed professional help and not the stripper/prostitute wannbe kind but the medical professional kind. Jason should have turned to the only person he knows of with experience with rape and it’s effects and how to help someone and that is Elizabeth. Michael knows Elizabeth he’s known her since he was a kid and she would want to help Michael. So disappointing that GH chose the direction it did.

  19. lovemyqtkids
    February 3, 2011 at 8:26 am

    GHfan, Elizabeth wouldn’t be a stranger to Michael if Jason and Elizabeth had ever been given a real chance to be a couple.

    Time and time again their story would be on the path of putting them together when the story would suddenly change directions from one episode to the next. Even if Michael wasn’t comfortable talking to Elizabeth directly she would be a source of information and direction for Jason and others to go to in helping understand what Michael is going through.

    If only GH was more invested in broadening the canvas in the sense of using the characters we already know and love instead of isolating the regular characters and constantly adding newbies.

    Thanks for this insightful article.

  20. Kelly
    February 3, 2011 at 8:26 am

    I would love to see Elizabeth Webber involved in this storyline. It would make sense since she is a teen rape survivor. It would make for great soap telling, IMO. And quite honestly, it would get me watching. What’s happened up to this point hasn’t gotten me interested really. Hiring a hooker, no counseling, etc. I would like to see Elizabeth and even Monica involved. But I doubt it will happen. Just like the Kristina abuse storyline, the aftermath will be glossed over.

  21. Miriam
    February 3, 2011 at 8:56 am

    I love how you showed how characters are connected to this one character. The writer always seem to forget the rest of the canvas to concentrate on a select few. That is the reason people are tuning out. It’s become so predictable. Sonny will vow revenge, Jason will eek out some tears, Carly will be hell bent on making someone pay! And that will be the end of the story. And then they bring on this new character that no one knows or cares about to “heal” Michael.
    It should be the current long time residents of Port Charles that should be helping Michael and his family. Like you said, where’s Bobbi? Monica? Edward? The elders have wisdom on their side, partake in it.
    Elizabeth Webber survived a brutal rape at 15 years old. She more than anyone knows what Michael is going through at this very moment. This is perfect chance to bring someone kept on “other side” of the canvas to connect with Michael and also be a ear for Jason so that he knows what Michael needs to deal with this. This story has so much potential but as the author said in the end it will all come down to Franco and everyone else will be pushed aside. It’s too bad.

  22. livvy
    February 3, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Love this! And I agree completely that it would be so logical for Elizabeth to play a role in this storyline. I actually thought they would take advantage of this aspect of Liz’s history, Liz and Jason’s history/dynamic, how this would affect Jason as a father. Not to mention the fact that Liz would be the logical choice as a survivor of rape, that Michael knows his uncle trusts her, and, while Michael, himself, doesn’t have a strong personal relationship, it would be like going to support group. GH has really dropped the ball by firing RH and eliminating this entire set of options for good story telling.

  23. Cyndi
    February 3, 2011 at 10:20 am

    I am not a Michael fan at all. The poor kid is used by his mother and father to keep his uncle in check and in their lives. I hate that this story line was done but I also understand it. The problem is that TPTB have again missed the boat on this. Elizabeth should have been talked to by Jason 6 months ago. He could have told her what he believed happened and since she is a rape survivor herself she could have help Michael from the beginning, and also his family. Boy did the writers mess this up. Where is Jason going to turn to for help to help Michael? Monica? Nope can’t do that since Leslie isn’t on the show. His more then friend? Nope can’t have Jason in a scene with Elizabeth. So instead the next day the subject was dropped so that Jason could go after the threat to Sonny’s future wife. Instead Michael will be helped by a stripper and with his mothers blessing since she really can’t be bothered to be a mother to her children.

    Thank you for pointing out all the truths that management at GH refuses to acknowledge.

  24. Kimmie
    February 3, 2011 at 10:31 am

    Great article and I think this storyline would have made more sense and used a vital character already on canvas had they brought Elizabeth Webber into it considering she is a rape survivor. She knows what it feels like to be raped instead of a hooker to help Michael. Elizabeth would also have been the logical choice for Jason to talk to about what he is feeling. What is a good storyline could have been great if they would have utilized a character they already had on canvas and Becky Herbst would have rocked this storyline just like she did her rape storyline years ago.

    GH has a vital character with so many ties to the canvas in Elizabeth Webber. A character that so many women today can relate too. A strong single mother, who words hard to provide for her children and a good friend to many, has ties to the majory core families. She is desperately needed for the survival of GH.

  25. Lynn
    February 3, 2011 at 10:33 am

    Overall, I like the article. It is good to see an article from a loyal viewer on the show – as I miss the days of old myself.

    I like Carjax, but I always saw Jason and Elizabeth being that married couple. The one that connected with every corner of the canvas. At least, that is what I was holding on for.

    As for Michael, although I don’t care for a prison rape story, Chad brings a likeability factor to the Michael character. He is now someone I want to cheer for. The whole Michael and Abby storyline could have begun differently and may have more fans if it had. But after a coma, prison, and rape, it sure would be nice to see Mikey deal with this the right way so that he could have some happiness!

    And really, where is Mike, Monica, and Bobbi? His granparents? Where is Uncle Luke and cousin Lucky who know all too well about the casualties and heartaches of rape? Oh, and lest we forget, WHERE IS ELIZABETH WEBBER? She once was Jason’s friend. She once was the one person that Jason wanted in the operating room with Michael. Oh yeah, and she once was raped and crawled out of the bushes on our screens. We cried watching her go through the same thing over a decade ago. She could have some word of wisdom, an apethetic ear, a real understanding. She is also the nurse at the hospital Abby is being treated. Is Elizabeth not allowed to see this patient and talk to her? Is she not allowed to be a friend to Jason during this to help him see Michael through this? If not, why? Isn’t that how stories and characters come together?

    Like most of the stories on GH, the premise or idea is really good, but then it just never plays out on screen very well. It leaves viewers going huh? Why this? And why that. Then shrugging and going oh nevermind.

    Great article, though!! I enjoyed reading it!!

  26. tnmom23
    February 3, 2011 at 10:41 am

    I love this article. There is so much potential with Michael’s story. Let’s see if GH is up for the challenge of enticing the audience to tune in.

    Although I see potential for it to be a great story, I am saddened that Elizabeth wasn’t included in Michael’s story. As a rape survivor and someone that Jason’s trust completely, she could have helped in ways that maybe others would not have been able. Instead of including her in the storyline, GH has chosen to remove her from the canvas in a “storyline dictated” exit. It’s a waste of talent. I hope GH reconsiders its decision to terminate Ms. Herbst and instead allows Elizabeth to be another champion for Michael as he deals with the aftermath of his rape.

  27. Robin
    February 3, 2011 at 10:43 am

    Thank you for writing this article but I won’t be watching this storyline play out due to the fact that Elizabeth is not being utilized in this story. I don’t understand how a rape story can be done and the only other character on GH who has been raped, Elizabeth, is not involved in this story. Elizabeth would be able to help Michael and understand his emotions and where he is coming from. I will not be watching this story since GH is refusing to utilize Elizabeth’s history and GH’s history in telling this story.

  28. Toya
    February 3, 2011 at 10:52 am

    Elizabeth would be perfect for Michael’s current story. A rape victim herself she could help Michael out in this situation. All it would take is Michael taking Carly’s advice and seeking counseling. So Michael decides to take attend a rape survivor meeting and who does he happen to run into. Elizabeth! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and with that day comes the memories of her rape. She has dealt with a lot the past few years. These last two in particular. Add to that her rape and she finds herself attending the same meeting as Michael. That’s all it would take. This is the one story that is made for Elizabeth. I would have loved to have seen Rebecca Herbst apart of this. She would have been phenomenal! Big Mistake GH!

  29. momjen
    February 3, 2011 at 10:56 am

    Elizabeth should be a part of Michael’s recovery. She’s a rape survivor, the only one on canvas. She understands and respects the connection between Michael and Jason. Jason knows she’s a good listener and will help Michael heal.

  30. linda
    February 3, 2011 at 10:58 am

    This story would be a perfect time to bring Elizabeth Webber in to the mix. She is a rape survivor and a professional in the health field. The fact that Rebecca Herbs character isn’t being used is a shake my head moment.
    The fact that there hasn’t been a discussion between the Sonny and Jason character in regards to this is poor story telling.
    The firing of Rebecca Herbst has caused major damage to this show.

  31. Kera
    February 3, 2011 at 11:04 am

    This is brilliant! GH has become hard to watch because of this Sonny/Brenda and mob mess. In fact, I can’t bring myself to watch these days. I agree…Where is Carly’s mother?? Furthermore, why is Liz leaving when she could be an amazing additon to Michael’s story?
    Here’s what I want to to see (and I am sure others do as well)
    1. Go with Michael’s story. This is something that will hit home with viewers far beyond what TPTB imagine.
    2. Rally the families around him. Bring back the VETS that made this soap…A SOAP!!
    3. Put the kabosh on this mob mess. Hello..BACKBURNER!
    Enough already! I don’t need Franco to appear to make me tune in. In fact, I tune out!
    I understand that there are Sonny fans and I have no problem with him as a character, but this is not the Sonny show…it is a Soap and fot crying out loud bring us back to the days where you brought us families that rallied together and deeper stories.
    Liz! Bobbie! Monica!

  32. crimsonfan
    February 3, 2011 at 11:18 am

    Great article and I have no doubt that the performances in the reveal from Chad Duell to Steve Burton to Laura Wright were stellar but I won’t be watching them. I realized when reading another article lauding those scenes that I had no interest in watching them. From start to finish this ‘rape’ storyline has been handled horribly from the wink and a nod to ‘was he or wasn’t he’ that we suffered through for months, to the idiocy of having Sam procure a hooker/stripper as a therapist and then of course to have Bob Guza try to sell this 30 year old pro as a romantic love interest for Michael because he predictably fell in love with the actress. There is just not enough bleach to scrub away that sliminess. Yes it could have been a compelling story and I actually kind of like this version of Michael, but honestly I am just worn out with Michael the perpetual victim and this kind of story on a show already so dark and depressing is just not entertainment. IA with others that Elizabeth would have been the logical person for Jason to ask for help with Michael. They have a friendship that spans over a decade and he knows the struggles she has had to overcome as a result of her violent rape as a young teenager, but I am sure that never crossed the writers minds for a second…not when we can sex this story up by using a stripper with an abusive boyfriend…bringing in the inevitable scenes of a half clothed Abby being ogled in a smoke filled room and of course leading to some good old GH brand of violence against women in the almost rape that precipitated Michaels confession. The elements were there for a compelling story but unfortunately a few well acted, well written scenes just don’t erase the idiocy and nastiness of the journey to arrive there.

  33. Sharon
    February 3, 2011 at 11:49 am

    You make great points in this article. Majority of the problems with General Hospital is the islolation of characters there have been several storylines over the past years that should have included Monica, Edward,Bobbie and Elizabeth but GH chose to ignore what theyhad in veteran characters to insert new ones. This story is the perfect opportunity to fix it!

  34. Daniel
    February 3, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    Silas you hit the nail on the head! Elizabeth is the most logical character here for Jason to turn to. I was young, but I remember Liz’s Torturous Rape back in the late 90’s, and EVERYONE on canvas was affected in some way, it was epic to say the least. And it was played out splendidly. Becky Herbst deserved an emmy for that in my opinion.

    Durning that time Lucky found out that Luke had Raped Laura back at the Disco, and the way it played out was riveting. Remember him (Lucky) going into Luke’s and playing Herb Alpert’s “RISE” —the song that was THE SONG. And the fallout from that, an even that happened 20 years prior, was HUGE. Here I am 10+ years later, and I could recite parts of it word for word if need be.

    Anyways GH is at a turning point here, either take the easy way out (Franco) or bring EVERYONE back into/onto the canvas that TPTB should have had there all along. This is an opportunity like none other, to Bring GH back where it belongs.

    I’m sick of seeing 2 second glimpses of the actors I grew up with, the ones that make me smile and are LEGACY characters. Leslie, Bobbie, Monica, The Q’s in general. I could go on and on, but EVERYONE knows what i’m talking about. The “offing” of Alan Q didn’t help any, and the absence of Genie Francis is a void in the tapestry of GH history that she alone could only fill. Since she left GH has not been the same, and these “cameos” we’ve been given don’t cut it as far as i’m concerned.

    And you have one of the best daytime vets ON CONTRACT, yeah i’m talking about Nancy Lee Grahn, and seeing her in a background role is just wrong….but again, at least we see her.

    GH needs to get back to it’s roots, and this b.s. with Brenda isn’t helping! They touted her return and promoted it shamelessly, and well, it’s kinda sucked. And the revisionist history between her and Dante is something I can’t buy, or stomach really.

    Anyways, Guza and the other Powers that be have a choice here, either handle this right, do right by Michael and tell this story how it needs to be told, and turn the show around in the process-and give the fans what we want, or he/they can ignore the fans and follow the lyrics to an old country tune by Crystal Gayle:

    “Here I go down that wrong road again
    Goin’ back where I’ve already been
    Even knowin’ where it will end
    Here I go down that wrong road again”

    I for one know what direction I want GH to go, the only question is if anyone is listening to the masses.

    Soaps used to be built around rich woven tapestries of decades long character history and intertwined families, and yes, NURSES STATIONS and HOSPITALS. And enterprise and scandal. AW did it better than anyone, and GH used to be pretty close. As of late it’s turned into something akin to a watered down version of the Sopranos, and we know that TPTB love Maurice Bernard, hell so do I, but GH IS NOT THE SONNY CORINTHOS HOUR. Love Ya Sonny, but there’s more to Port Chuck than you alone.

    Closing This, I can’t help but think what the dearly departed Shell Kepler would think of all this. The gossipy nurse she played for over two decades (Amy Vining) who was the pulse of the hospital, and PC in general (AMY KNEW EVERYTHING!) left back in ’02 when Genie Francis left, and February 1st marked 3 years since her death. She died way too young, and the way GH handled her departure and Shell’s Death much like everything else in the past 10 years, just pretended like she never existed. ABC should know their viewers have memories and soap fans remember it all.

    We know the history here, we know what SHOULD happen, the only question is if anyone will hear our pleas?

  35. Saher M
    February 3, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    thank you, brwnsugar33, you took the words right out of my mouth. liz should be involved in michael’s rape storyline. she knows the emotional struggle and trauma that one suffers through, with this. It would have been a very moving s/l. tptb sucks, jmo.

  36. Elaine
    February 3, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    I agree with this article so much. Soaps and General Hospital specifically need to remember and use its TRUE history, not ignore it or sweep it under the proverbial rug like General Hospital seems to do consistently.

    General Hospital tends to ignore characters traits, personalities and moral codes to accomodate storylines or pairings and that will not fly with most, especially with longterm characters.

    The viewers know the characters and what they would and wouldn’t do OR say AND General Hospital over the past couple of years has had, and continues to have, longtime and well known characters act so far out of character that many are turned off and are tuning out. To me this is a big part of the issue and problem. Viewers will not ignore the history of the character… The history of what they would and wouldn’t do, so that right there is a big turn off or deterrent for most.

    Michael is and always will be a BIG part of General Hospital and its recent history, BUT General Hospital tends to dwell or overuse one topic or character driven story and I for one do think the Michael issue the past few years is one of them.

    The writing tends to stick to a certain area or storyline while ignoring or neglecting other aspects of the show and other characters to the extent that the show becomes obsessive about the one thing or storyline. Not enough balance I guess you could say. To me that is the case with Michael. For the past 3 years it’s been nothing but Michael this, Michael that while neglecting, or ignoring other characters or stories to the point of being obvious.

    And while we are on soap history, specifically General Hospital’s history… The character of Elizabeth should have been used in this Michael storyline. She IS the only other character, who has been on canvas for years, which has been through the same thing that Michael has been, Rape. Sure Michael is a boy/man but… Elizabeth was brutally raped as a 15 year old girl, so she knows what it’s like, knows what it takes to get the help that he needs and it would have made much more sense then to bring on a 30 years old stripper character for the job. I mean seriously, if that’s not sleazy I don’t know what is. Michael should be getting professional help or be talking to someone who has gone through what he has, but not help from a stripper.

    I’d like to know how and General Hospital fires an almost 14 year veteran actress? How General Hospital justify killing/writing off another legacy character? One of the last I can also say.

    Rebecca Herbst IS Elizabeth Webber the grand-daughter of the man who founded General Hospital and the Granddaughter of the original FOUNDING FAMILY of General Hospital.

    By the way, no other actress will work as Elizabeth. Most have watched her grow up on the show and as with any long-term actor/actress, no other actor/actress will do. Rebecca Herbst is amazing and has grown into the part with clarity and believability. She is an actress and an employee who is much loved, who can act circles around others and who has represented herself and ABC and General Hospital with grace, dignity and respect unlike others on General Hospital.

    I really hope the people in charge at General Hospital and ABC know that this not only disrespects the show itself but the many viewers who have hung on waiting for the past couple of years for this show to be turned around and turned back into the great drama it once was. And believe me when I say we do realize it’s only a show but after watching something for years and years you do become attached.

    The letting go and killing off of legacy characters to the extent that General Hospital does and has done in recent years is a huge mistake and I believe the final nail in the coffin for General Hospital. Because General Hospital just lost not only Rebecca Herbst/Elizabeth Webber fans, but a lot of General Hospital viewers that were hanging on by a thread waiting for changes to take place to make this once great Drama what it used to be. Right now its trash and that is being polite. It’s all about the mob, the violence, the danger, the strippers, the dark side and most viewers, for the most part, see enough of on the news and in everyday life and want and escape and General Hospital does not give that anymore.

    I would like to know the reasoning as to why a few of the “new” hires of the past few years that are not used or are not a quarter as popular were not let go. I would like to know why a soap writer of years cannot and will not write for the veterans or write a true believable romance, a soapy romance. I also would like to know why viewers requests are continuously ignored of spun and used a different way or for different characters/pairings.

    I also would like to know why this once great drama has been turned into Sleaze, Strippers, Hookers, Rape and Violence. Why when continuously by the ratings decline in the past few years, specifically the past two, THIS direction has not changed but has been full stream ahead?

    All that we, the longtime average viewer, have asked for them is to honor the legacy of the characters, legacy of the show, to stop trashing and whitewashing the characters and to remember the character and show history. Yet we are ignored over and over for years and years.

    It is blatantly being disregarded and it is apparently obvious ABC and General Hospital does not want my viewership so I am gone after 25+ years and it is just sad.

  37. Jacque
    February 3, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    Nice breakdown of the current storyline connections. While I am not opposed to prison rape storylines, I have been opposed to GH telling this one about Michael because I feared that they would not handle it appropriately. So far, they’ve done nothing to prove me wrong.

    Seriously, in what world is getting a hooker for Michael to have his first female sexual experience with so that he doesn’t hurt a nice girl the solution? GH can downplay Abby’s introduction all they want but suddenly making her into a stripper from an abusive relationship doesn’t make it any better nor does it make her a therapist.

    Michael should be in counseling or part of a survior support group. Emily Quartermaine would have been a perfect person for Michael to confide in as a member of his family, someone that he’s always had a connection with, a member of the medical profession, and a fellow survivor to talk this through with. Unfortunately, GH killed her off after having it suggested that she just get over her violent rape by having sex as well.

    Now Elizabeth Webber is a survivor as well as someone who is a member of the medical profession who could have been called upon to be a confidante for Michael. She’s someone who dealth with a traumatic rape at a young age like Michael and has gone on to live her life. She’s learned to overcome the turmoil and that’s what Michael needs and not some twisted Franco storyline that has felt riddle with faults and inconsistent motivations from the get go or another newbie character.

  38. Mountain Diva
    February 3, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    This article seems to have had a lot more thought put into it than the rape storyline itself had! Well done.
    The spider web of connections Michael has never seem to be used in a positive way, when referenced at all. It is usually the triumverate of Jason, Sonny, Carly dominating his stories. This could be so good and could bring in so many characters. Especially Monica, Jax, and Elizabeth – eventhough they aren’t obsessively in his life like the others would be great players in this. Instead of once again seeing Jason, Carly, and Sonny feel guilty for twenty minutes before going right back to their usual business, how about seeing the ripple effect on Monica -the grandmother he barely knows; Elizabeth – who doesn’t have the safety of having her rapist be dead, he could be out of jail by now; Jax – who always steps up to be a father just to get shut out.
    Could be so good. Wish I had faith it would be.

  39. JewelTones
    February 3, 2011 at 12:37 pm

    Great article and a great example of how logic and history can take 1 story (Michael’s rape) and use it as an umbrella to impact and entire ensemble cast (which, imo, stories should to give the show a cohesive feel and give all viewers something to watch for every day). I especially liked the idea of utilizing and honoring the history of Elizabeth and her rape experience to give someone Michael can relate to and talk to in a way no one else would understand. Everybody else can “imagine” but she truly knows firsthand the fear and horror and shame.

  40. Jac (Twingirls8)
    February 3, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    I so enjoyed this article. I agree with you 100%. The main part of this story that is missing is rich history of GH. Elizabeth would of been great addition to this story. As I watch Michael tell his story I remember everything about Elizabeth rape and how she felt. I so wish GH would of used Elizabeth in this story. I also agree were is Bobbie she would of been a great support for Carly. Especialy that she helped clean up Elizabeth all those years ago. Monica would of been another great addition.

    When you have fans that have been loyal watching the show for so many years the one think they don’t forget is history. Its a shame that the TPTB just want to sweep it under the rug.

    I have to say great job to Chad. He has done a great job with this story.

    I am still hoping GH will rehire RH back. She part of GH. She will definitly be missed by this fan.

  41. crizby
    February 3, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    This article to me as a longtime GH fan represents the vital issues for many fans that are no longer happy with this long running soap-the serious lack of familial ties across the canvas. Not only that but the slow disintegration of core legacy families/characters three of which were mentioned in this article: Leslie/Monica, Rebecca/Elizabeth, and Jackie/Bobby’s characters. Not only would all three characters add more substance, but it allows for certain characters that rarely share screentime-yet should-to do so. I get tptb are trying desperately to make fans forget that Jason and Elizabeth know eachother so they would want her as far away from this as possible, but instead of trying to make fans forget they existed they should be capitilizing on their history together on the show to make the story that much more realistic! Scenes being shared amongst various veterans and longtime characters would be such a treat for this fan! I have quit watching due to the lack of loyalty not only to the veterans who placed so many years into their characters, but the lack of loyalty to the fans who helped make the show what it is today. The show couldn’t have existed WITHOUT THE FANS, yet writing has “dictated” that a few promiment and well loved veterans have been giving their walking papers-seems more like AGENDA to me. JMO. Great article and thank you! I can only hope the higher ups read it, but at this point, I have serious doubt that even if they do that they will act on it. Rebecca Herbst recent firing was the last straw for me, she is a well-known, loved and very popular character/actress, yet she was fired while other newer characters that are not tied to the canvas, or that are needed-were given contracts. GH no more until I hear some things have changed-including Becky’s RETURN to GH.

  42. Gail Blais
    February 3, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    Love this article and would seriously love seeing things play out the way you envision them. But, let’s be real here. This is Guza’s General Hospital – not the GH that our mothers watched while ironing sheets. In Guza’s world, this will probably be glossed over by the end of February and almost forgotten about. Let’s see – Carly is already “being Carly” by running over to Dante’s to blame him. Been there, done that. Sonny will have 5 minutes of anxiety (like he did after he shot Dante and almost blew up Kristina), then Brenda will convince him that the only way Michael is ever going to heal and be happy again is if she & Sonny go through with their fancy schmancy over-the-top wedding – because we know no one can be sad while watching Brenda Freaking Barrett marry the godfather, right? Jason will try to blame himself for a couple of weeks, until they find out Sam is pregnant. Dante is really blaming himself and has hit rock bottom right now because of the BFB/TheBaldkin/TheBaby mess and losing Lulu over it – and he’s the one that is the least to blame. If Carly, Sonny & Jason had not put Michael on the path he is on, none of this would have ever happened. If they had allowed him to come forward about killing Claudia when he wanted to instead of sending him off to The Island, if Carly had not lied under oath on the witness stand, TWICE, even after the judge warned her – then Michael would have been given community service like Dante expected. Was Dante wrong? Well, yes – he should have gone to Diane and discussed the plea deal instead of relying on the judge’s common sense, but the rest of that fiasco rests solely on The Unholy Trinity’s actions. So, where does that leave everyone? Business as usual in just a few weeks, is my expectation. Michael and Abby will have sex and Michael will be mostly all better. End of story – because that’s how Guza rolls.

  43. Jacqui
    February 3, 2011 at 1:16 pm

    That was a wonderful article! You hit on so many great points, unfortunetly I doubt the powers that be will listen. I have been watching GH for 35 years, It has become a part of my life, but sadly I will not watch anymore. They can do so much with this story and useing Elizabeth is the logical way to go! Not only is she a teenage rape survivor, she helped Jason get through loseing Michael the first time. Not only could Elizabeth Help Michael by sharing her story and just being a person to listen to him, who has been through what he has been through, but she could also be the one person who can help Jason get through this, she has always had a calming effect on Jason, and with the help of her and his son Jake, Jason will be able to help Michael in a way that does not include violence. This is the story I want to see, emotion and scenes that will make me want to sit in front of my television and not miss one single word of dialouge, but sadly I know that GH will drop the ball on this, and the fireing of Rebecca Herbst just proves me right. Thank God I have great books to read that never let me down, because that is what I will be doing during the time when I used to watch GH! Sorry Gh you lost this 35 year viewer. Correct your mistakes and I might just come back!

  44. FionaS
    February 3, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    What I think you tapped on was the core problem with GH these days. There are natural, expected, and ultimately simple beats that should play out with a storyline like this, and you hit on several of them. The question is, will a single one of them actually happen? I doubt it. GH has been lacking in the logical progression department for a very long time. I would also suggest an important shift happened after the last truly good storyline, the Metrocourt Hostage Crisis, where all the beats played out perfectly. Ever since then, it seems no one even tries to make connections. It’s a series of unfortunate plot points that all end with a bang, but lacking any depth. From the Black & White ball, to various romances that ended as abruptly as a sneeze (Lulu & Johnny, Kate & Sonny, Spinelli & Maxie…) to this new story with Michael, at the end of the day the truly natural parts of every plot fall to the wayside in order to prioritize Sonny & Dante drama. Soaps aren’t supposed to be selfish with their plots, espeically with so many talented and underappreciated talent on board stuck playing backup singer to a lip-synching lead. When a fanmade music video is more moving than the show it took clips from (above), there’s a real problem.

  45. Cakes
    February 3, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    (Sorry everyone as I am on a rant and I’m sure I have repeated my words over and over. I am ANGRY at what this show has become).

    Chad Duell is an absolutely fantastic actor and deserves any award that he will ever receive. I was so sick of the Michael character, who I have heard about since his inception of Carly and AJ, up until Chad Duell came along and they have aged Michael to the point that he can start to live his own life now and hopefully they will move him from the same Carly, Sonny, Jason scenes, to something of his OWN, WITHOUT THEM.

    There is no reason that they can’t have Elizabeth Webber help him. The idea that thre are no stories for her is ludicrous and I will just say “concur” to everyone who has said above what they could do with this amazing character.Bring back Liz’s rapist for Valentine’s Day (since he has been out of jail for years with no mention of it) and she and Michael can deal with this together. This would be a classic soap story and they are ignoring it.

    They could have him go into counselling and make friends there. He doesn’t have to be all mob all the time. They took Jason from the Q fold and they could do the same with Michael and the mob. He could go to the Quartermaine side as Jason did the mob side, with Michael sick of all the revenge and murder and anger and wanting a SAFE life.

    The fact that they had a hooker hired to heal Michael is RIDICULOUS. They needed to add Sam to this story somehow and since she only knows “against the law” people, why not have her hire (yes HIRE she did) Abby to make Michael happy? Never mind that Jason was against it, that Carly, Michael’s mother was enraged and Michael DIDN’T ask her to (as she told Carly; she was eavesdropping on a conversation that was none of her business), she was HAPPY to hire Michael his first hooker. Is this another way to sleaze up the show or to prove that this all that Sam is about?

    Don’t get me wrong, I think they are cute together but come on, a 30 year old woman is going to find the love of her life in a 17 (now convenientally 18) year old? There is no reason that they couldn’t have had Abby as someone Michael met at school and they connected that way? Abby’s portrayor could have passed as say 20 and it would have been much more plausible. This is one of the problems with the show, the concept is good but the follow through and what is then shown onscreen is not.

    Michael does have a lot of history on the show but he’s mostly a catalyst for Carly to have a fit, Sonny to whine and Jason to mope around. Michael is a Quartermaine and great nephew to Luke Spencer but who would know that if they didn’t know the history of the show from 14 years ago? They don’t show Michael anything other than Carly’s pawn for whatever she wants from whoever and a reason for Sonny to get revenge.

    They have secluded this show so much it’s not even General Hospital anymore, it’s Generally Mob and maybe we’ll show the hospital if we feel like it. The Sonny character is liked by many I know but he is NOT General Hospital as they have made him out to be and by bringing the show in this direction, they have lost so many long time viewers (including myself at 30+ years watching). What happened to the days of everyone being in STORIES, instead of just plot points that have a beginning and they forget the middle (which is what creates a STORY) and then just skip to the end with no consequence or growth to characters?

    As I mentioned above, Jason will moan about Michael, Sonny will want revenge and Carly will rant to whoever and vow they will pay while never themselves paying for anything or any change to how THEY need to be to be better for everyone else. Michael has been through a lot because these three people don’t allow him to be a PERSON, he is a reason for them all to stick their head in the sand and not see the real world. Heck they ALL have other children that are rarely seen or heard about unless they need another “plot point” for them or Michael. If Michael were to go in his own direction, this would leave no story for the threesome.

    GH had a great opportunity as well with Jake Spencer as he IS a much larger legacy character. He is Webber/Hardy and Quartermaine all in one. He is being raised by Lucky Spencer, a legacy character in himself, and Liz Webber, also a legacy character in herself and his real father is not only a legacy character, but the LEAD male character on the show. How does GH justify not allowing Jake’s story to be told by getting rid of his mother and completely ignoring that fact that he’s a Quartermaine, as they did with Michael?

    I know that it’s all mob all the time and that’s why Michael is front and center but Jake Spencer IS MIchael, with deeper roots and larger ties to the history of the show. How is it ok for Jason to “raise” his nephew but ignore his CHILD? I won’t even go into how he could say he loves the woman that endangered HIS child time and again for giggles but wants revenge on those that endanger Michael.

    GH has missed so many opportunities by only allowing these characters to be associated with a select few (though connected to so many more) and painting them all into a corner that there is no believable way to get them out (Jason having another child with the child endangerer for instance).

    This show also had a goldmine in Dante but instead of keeping him as a cop with morals, they made him a Sonny worshipper as well and everything that was good about him, is now mobbed up to the point of many not caring. He knew Brenda years ago…seriously? He was barely out of his teens and Brenda in her 30’s and they have this big dark secret about…….????Something??? I’m sure some day they will tell us.

    GH’s ratings have dropped in the ratings so much because they wanted this secluded little mob family to be IT and have slowly gotten rid of close to everyone else that has kept this show on the air all these years and people glued to their seats.

    ANOTHER story of a mob wedding with shoot em ups, Carly ranting AGAIN, Jason blaming himself for everything and Michael, Michael, Michael is not something I want to watch AGAIN. I can watch the show from 11 years ago and hear the same things but at least there was something else that interested me so I could FF the three mentioned above.

    GH has not only dropped the ball, they dropped the TOXIC ball again.

  46. Crispy829
    February 3, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    Now here is GH’s opportunity to once again give viewers a ground breaking storyline with the prison rape of Michael Corinthos. I have no doubt that Chad Duell, Steve Burton; Laura Wright will bring in stellar performances worthy of Emmys. However, this storyline is missing one vital and pivotal character that would bridge the entire canvas. That is Elizabeth Webber as portrayed by the lovely and gracious Rebecca Herbst. The decision to fire Rebecca Herbst because of lack of writing for this character is no longer valid. Here is the perfect chance to scribe for Elizabeth Webber. She is the one person who can help all those affected by Michael’s rape. Right there is why Rebecca Herbst role on this show is important.

    Elizabeth is more equipped to handle this situation for Michael than a 25-something, year old stripper with no experience whatsoever in counseling a troubled teenager, not to mention a rape victim

    The only person with the understanding, compassion, and support is Elizabeth Webber. She knows the emotional struggle, the trauma suffered, and the journey of what’s to come. Elizabeth is the heart of this storyline, with Michael being the core.

    Yes this has the making of a compelling story; however, I don’t think the writers and TPTB have the guts to go with it to its maximum potential. This story is unsellable without the inclusion of Elizabeth Webber.

    Again, here is the opportunity for Mr. Frons to reconsider his position on firing Rebecca Herbst and rehire her. She is needed on this show. She is needed for this ground breaking story and so many, many more. Bring the heart back to GH. Bring back Rebecca Herbst for the show and this storyline.

  47. Cindy
    February 3, 2011 at 2:55 pm

    I have to agree, it is time for Sonny to go. It’s time for the mob, the violence and the sleaze to go. I get that many like Sonny, and while MB does a fine job, the character should have remained a side note in PC, not the focus. I was a viewer long before he arrived, and the cancer of this show for me has been the mob/violence/sleaze. It slowly turned my can’t miss tv, into can’t watch tv after 30 years.

    In my mind, Michael is not a legacy or core character. As your clips show, the Hardy’s, Q’s, Spencers, Baldwins, Scorpio’s, Webber’s, they have been the core families. The Hardy’s are THE original family, the founders of GH. This show has systematically gotten rid of the hospital and the veterans to accomodate the mob. If you want to talk about someone connected to the core and legacy of the show, you look no further than Liz Webber. She’s the granddaughter of Steve Hardy. She was a cousin by marriage to Luke and Laura, not to mention their daughter in law. She is mother to their first grandchild. She is also mother to Jason’s first born, and that makes her the mother to a Q heir. She was an inlaw to the Cassadines. She should have been front and center for years. Unfortunately, like the history of the show (which I seem to recall better than the writers), the characters, their attributes, personalities, and connections are ignored in order to try and force stories to move. Notice I said move, not work, because they stopped working long ago. In the process they have rid PC of most of the characters I’ve loved (Liz, Laura, Alan, Skye, Georgie, Dillon, Ned, Em, Monica, Bobbie), underuse those who remain that I care to watch (Jax, Alexis, Mac, Robin, Patrick, Steve).

    I will take everyone’s word for it that Chad D. and Steve B. rocked their scenes this week. However a prison rape story is not what I want to see on my soap. First after the drivel they have thrown Liz’s way in the last few years, which was so out of character for a survivor, shows me that there is little respect for sensitivity to such issues, even though a survivor is on staff (which is also disrespectful to her). Then again with the suggestion to Em that she just sleep with Nik and get it over with after her rape.

    A soap is love, romance, backstabbing, bickering, family, marriage, divorce, adultery, corporate larceny, heartbreak, levity, etc. It is a place were one wishes to escape and feel like they know and belong (or can at least be a voyeur) amongst the residents. It’s not Soprano’s lite, Oz, or Prison Break. If that is the type of entertainment I wanted to watch, I’d watch the real thing, not GH.

    GH showed that they would take the sleazy road with this story very early on. Aside from the glaring gaps in story (such as where was Michael’s trial to even get him sentenced, Dante lying about who shot him point blank in the chest?) it was obvious that Jason knew of or at least suspected the rape from the start. Why would anyone think that hiring a prostitute for a young man in this situation was either a good idea, or something I’d want to watch? Why wasn’t Liz utilized? I understand why Em wasn’t she was killed off with Georgie, and half of the Q’s senslessly. There is a rape survivor left on canvas, and they chose to bring on an unknown, decidedly older hooker to help?

    This is not the soap I used to love. Not even close.

  48. Melody
    February 3, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    I think the most ‘logical’ and soapy direction GH should take regarding Micheal’s rape would be to include a rape survivor. Who else better than Elizabeth? She was brutally raped at a young age like Michael and she could relate. I don’t understand this show’s constant habit of brushing show history and FACTS under the rug and disregarding character history like it never happened. Elizabeth would perfectly fit into Micheal’s current storyline, talk to him and explain to him what he’s going through. But instead the writers have chosen to shove him with a hooker who is too old and understands nothing of it. The boy needs serious counseling not a sleazy girlfriend and oblivious family members who think it’s ‘good for him’. I just can’t understand Jason of all people actually encouraging this disaster pairing, thinking Abby will actually help Michael. Uh no…she won’t. The whole thing is a convoluted contrived desperate mess that I have no interest in watching. It makes no sense and no part of it is titillating or suspenseful. The show has gone about this story all wrong and really need to listen to feedback not write what they want to write. It doesn’t work that way.

    My biggest problem is they are focusing too much on Sonny and Jason’s reaction to Micheal’s rape. This isn’t the Sonny and Jason show. Plus Jason needs to really stop playing the martyr, blaming everything that happens to that kid on himself. Give it a rest already. Sonny and Carly are his parents, not him. Secondly, Sam’s ‘genius’ decision to hire a paid prostitute to help Michael with sexual intimacies has got to be the dumbest butt backwards way of handling a sexually ABUSED child storyline. I mean what? He’s a child, not an adult, he was violated by an adult what part of that equals hiring a female adult to engage in sex with him??? GH is really reaching and not in a good way. If I wanted cheap and sleazy I’d watch Jerry Springer. And having Jason nonchalantly back up her decision and have no problem with it is even more ludicrous. They’ve managed to turn my favorite sharp-minded mob enforcer to a oblivious careless dumb thug because of it. Him not thinking that Micheal needs therapy but encouraging him to hang out with a prostitute is idiotic if I may say so. So yeah it’s safe to say no part of this is encouraging me to watch because GH isn’t focusing on the right parts and not giving an actual story that’s dramatic, soapy, sensible or even root-worthy. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve completely given up on this show.

  49. Sage
    February 3, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    I agree with you that having Elizabeth and Monica involved in Michael’s story would be an excellent idea. Monica because she is Michael’s grandmother and should be there for her family and Elizabeth because she survived a brutal rape. She is the person Jason should turn to for advice with how best to help Michael. She, out of anyone on the show, is the person who can best understand what Michael is going through. Elizabeth has known Michael practically his whole life so, yes, she does have a place in the story. Using the vets on this show is smart. These are the characters the viewers are invested in and root for. These are the characters the fans tune in for. I really feel that GH needs to stop trying to bring sleaze into everything. This should be about Michael healing with therapy, not to have a “romance” with a stripper/hooker. GH needs to hear the fans. GH needs to keep Rebecca Herbst. She is the heart of GH for many and if she goes, the viewers go with her.

  50. Kermitklein
    February 3, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    I disagree with most of this article, but I do have to agree about the Elizabeth aspect in this. It makes no sense why Elizabeth, the only rape survivor on canvas since Emily was killed off was not involved in a rape storyline. It’s like every time someone has something that even hints at HIV/AIDS they go running to Robin for advice. However, because the writers are so busy trying to write around Elizabeth so their claims of ‘she doesn’t have a story to tell’ will be validated and to keep Elizabeth out of Jason’s orbit, we are stuck not watching two characters that will have the most in common in this instance not even interact. Both Mikey and Elizabeth’s innocence was taken in a violent sexual way, both were teenagers when it happened, both wanted to keep it quiet. And I’m sorry, but I have to disagree about Abby. I really don’t see how she’s helped Mikey at all. Like if you really listen to their conversations, she’s not really saying anything different then what Carly, Krissy, Sonny, and Jason have already said and what really gets me is when Mikey truly have these opening up moments, they are not with Abby, they are with Jason. But back to what I was saying, Elizabeth could have been a much better help to Mikey as well as Carly in this storyline. To see Carly who doesn’t like Elizabeth and vice versa get advice from Elizabeth who is not only a rape survivor but a mother as well would have been great to watch. To watch Elizabeth and Mikey to interact, helping him through this trauma, and reminding viewewrs of the history that Elizabeth and Mikey had when he was a child would have been great to watch. It could have led to another storyline of Mikey learning about Jake with him interacting with Elizabeth and her children and then that could have led to confliction between Mikey and Jason about Jason not raising his son. Mikey who thinks that his uncle the closest thing to perfection when it comes to taking responsibility for things can find out that the most important thing, Jake, that his uncle should be taking responsibility for, he’s not.

    Side note: I do have to agree with the other poster that mentioned Jason playing the martyr role. I AM SO SICK OF IT. It make him come off as the most egotistical martyr that I have ever seen in a soap. Like seriously every thing that happens to Mikey or anyone in that town is because of him. It’s so ridiculous. Like the other poster said, Mikey have parents. Sonny and Carly. Jason only raised Mikey for the first year of his life. It’s like the writers for get that. On top of that, he left town for periods of Mikey’s life where it was established that Mikey’s parents were Sonny and Carly and he was the side man so how he thinks his choices had the biggest effect on Mikey’s life is beyond me and I’m really tired of him going on and on about it.

  51. Krstle
    February 3, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    I AGREE with your point of view on Elizabeth’s part. She should have been brought in this story, she should have been involved since she is a rape survivor herself. Like others have pointed out before me and you did yourself. She could have helped, Monica could have been brought in as well. There was so much that could have een done, but Instead they ruin all potiential of that by getting rid of Becky when she could have been instrumental to helping Mkey, now this story is a joke..

  52. botticellibabe
    February 3, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    I completely agree with this article. What concerned me about this rape storyline from the very beginning was not the content, but instead, the way it would be addressed. And up until this moment I have not been pleased. While I see a place for Abby in Michael’s life now, I was very disappointed by the way the character was introduced. What a flippant way to treat a rape/abuse storyline: having Sam bring in a stripper/prostitute (still not real clear on what she actually is) in order to introduce Michael to a sexual relationship was offensive in every way. He was worried about being violent with women, so the answer is to give him a “woman of the night” to practice on? It made Sam look worse than she already does, made Jason look worse by supporting Sam’s actions, and somehow made Carly the bad-guy. The one time she actually sounded like a rational concerned mother… Who writes something like that for a genre that mostly women watch? Bring back Lainey, give the boy some counseling and let us enjoy the emotional depth that Chad Duell seems so good at portraying.

    I agree with you and many of the other posters who stated that Elizabeth would have been a great choice as a confidant. Jason shares in her history, knows first hand how devastating her rape was to her life and they have been friends for years. Not to forget her nurse background, which would make her more than qualified to deal with both the emotional and physical aspects of the trauma. In a more realistic scenario, Jason would have called his old friend–someone he trusted–to help him better understand the situation as well. It would have been a great opportunity for Elizabeth ,as she and Michael became closer, to out Jake’s paternity. After all, Michael’s shooting was the beginning of the end for Jason and Elizabeth’s relationship. What a soapy storyline! It would only add another layer to the story.

    Kristina’s roll in this is very similar to that of Elizabeth. She was attacked…she understands the helplessness Michael must feel. What I want from this story…from all GH stories…is a connection between the characters. Why must they be isolated? I can’t understand how the writers can claim that there is no story for characters like Elizabeth, Monica, or Alexis when they are all so connected to each other. It’s what makes us love the soap genre..the history, the intermingling of the characters and their drama.

  53. Silas Kain
    February 3, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    Wow, I am stunned and humbled by the incredible response this piece has received both here at SoapBox1 and on Twitter. And though there are those fans who completely disagree with me, what I see is a logical, intelligent debate forming about what has happened with GH over the last decade. It’s a travesty!

    Last night I had an opportunity to convey my sentiments to Laura Wright (Carly) on Daytime After Dark. I thought it was important she know from fans that her performance this week has been nothing short of stellar. Look, nobody really likes prison rape story lines. But in this case we ALL agree that much could be achieved from such a tragedy.

    Regardless of which group you may belong, i.e. Liason, Jasam, SnB, whatever; we all want to see some semblance of sanity manifesting itself in Port Charles once again. Ironically I do believe there are folks in ABC Daytime management who want to bring change to GH which translate into better ratings. This is OUR opportunity – across the board – to facilitate that change. Remember they “sell” us the product, it’s up to us to give them consumer feedback!

  54. LuvBecky
    February 3, 2011 at 10:18 pm

    Hi Silas
    First I would like to thank you for bringing to light all the top notch storylines that GH has within it’s grasp if they would just use the history of this once great soap along with it’s Vets. I would also agee with the many fans that said the character of Elizabeth should have definitely been involved in Michaels rape s/l. Being brutally raped herself as a teenager, this s/l could have been so awesome of Elizabeth was the one to help him heal. This could have been a chance for Carly & Eliazbeth to become freniemies as she helped Michael heal & cope with his ordeal. And Monica, she is his grandmother why wasnt she involved? I don’t know why TPTB have decided to not to use the rich history of GH or their talented Vets, but I hope if they are reading Mr. Silas’s article that they will make the necessary changes.
    And the first change I wish the would make is ReHiring Rebecca Herbst, a fan favorite , my favorite and there’s just no way I could watch GH without her .

    And Mr. Silas, I just want to thank you again for this awesome article and all the great advice/ wisdom you passed along to us on StarDishRadio .

    Thank you!

  55. Silas Kain
    February 3, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    Sub-chapter: The Evolution of Sonny

    There’s been a rabid debate among some GH fans about what I’ve said about Sonny Corinthos. All of a sudden I’m being slammed as promoting an “agenda” which props up only one actor above others. To those who have that myopic view I suggest taking a remedial reading comprehension course because you’ve got every single fact WRONG. Now, I don’t want to bring a darned “fan war” into this thread but I’m not the kind of man who is going to sit idly by and watch all this diatribe without comment. That’s just NOT my nature.

    Yes, I said Sonny should go off the canvas. I didn’t say forever. While many are having difficulty dealing with the Michael rape story line, let’s be realistic. Sonny is, like it or not, Micheal’s father. Sonny has a history of emotional problems which stem from a bona fide condition. It just so happens that Maurice Benard has drawn upon his own experience with manic depression in bringing the illness to light in his role. That’s commendable and down right courageous! I would never minimize his success in reaching out to the GH audience in a responsible, respectful way in telling his story. So let’s take it to the next level.

    Imagine, for a moment, that you are a father. You have been on a long, tragic journey with your son almost from the day he was born. As your son becomes a man he is violated. How are you going to feel? Most parents – mother or father – would immediately ask themselves “where did I go wrong?” “what could I have done to protect my child?” These are real reactions. These are genuine. Now add in the mob factor, the appetite for revenge and manic depression. You have the makings of a compelling, gut wrenching story line which could really go far!

    Sometimes it takes the injury of one’s child to cause a parent to take stock in themselves. Take Elizabeth Edwards, for instance. In her case, she lost her son Wade in a tragic car accident. Her incredible love for her child and the tragic loss gave her the courage to have two more children later in life. It’s a good possibility that the choices she made could have precipitated the cancer which took her at such a young age. For Sonny, it would seem logical that the damage done to his son would cause him to go to that dark place where he hasn’t been in a decade. It’s real to see Sonny suffer more than anyone else in Micheal’s life by virtue of his life’s choices. That suffering and the journey out of the darkness would give the character of Sonny such an opportunity!

    In the end, my argument has nothing to do with characters and actors. It has to do with writers. They have set the foundation for a compelling series of complimentary story lines which could change the face of General Hospital for the next decade. As my friend Diane Delano says, “if it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the stage!” I’m asking writers to put this stuff on the script! Give these incredible actors dialogue that is worthy of their own talents! Don’t sell our actors short – they execute what you craft! So, MB fans, I’m not the big bad wolf out to get your precious Sonny. If anything, I’m the FIRST GH fan to suggest that this could be Maurice Benard’s year for a break through Emmy – provided Mr. Guza has the ability to weave such a tale.

  56. Blu
    February 3, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    Interesting article. I agree with many of the posters who have said that Elizabeth should have been brought into the Michael/rape stroyline. Elizabeth had her innocence stolen from her as a teenager as did Michael. She is the best person on canvas to counsel Michael on this subject. Side note, I hate the character of Abby, she was brought into this story in such a sleazy way and she has not helped Michael in the least all she has done is repeat what other characers have said. Jason could have went to Elizabeth and asked for help. Elizabeth could have helped Michael through his ordeal by pulling from personal experience. How interesting would it have been if while reliving her experience with Michael and wham Tom Baker is released from prison. The interaction between Michael and Elizabeth could have developed into a friendship and branched out into many stories. Michael could have found out about Jake. Michael thinks the world of his Uncle Jason. It would have been interesting to see how he dealt/felt about the fact that Jason & Elizabeth were engaged and were planning to be a family until he got shot. It would be nice to see how he feels about finding out he has a cousin. How he feels about Jake being Jason’s son and Jason not living up to his responsibilties when in comes to Jake. I wouuld love to see how Michael reacts to the danger excuse that Jason has been spouting for years, yet Jason can be around everyone else but his son. What would take the cake for me is for Michael to find out about a certain woman in Jasons life watching Jake get kidnapped and hiring men to hold a gun on him. Michael was kidnapped as child and his reaction to Jason being with a woman who would commit such crimes against a child especially his own son would have been explosive. Carly would have a field day about Michael and Elizabeth being friends and Carly & Elizabeth always had some of the best cat fights. Michaels rape could have been handled so much better if GH would stop isolating the characters, force pairings and characters down the viewers throats. GH needs to use its history and the history of its characters. If GH would just go with the natural flow of things and stop forcing things, storylines would be more enjoyable and make more sense. GH spends to much time trying to keep certain characters apart that they disrupt the natural order of things.
    There are so many problems at GH and it seems no one wants to fix them. The show is no longer written for its fans. GH casts aside fan favorites for their own personal pets. GH forces pairings fans don’t want and find offensive. GH re-writes history daily. GH writes some characters so OOC fans do not even recognize them any more. GH has no more romance. Where is the love in the afternoon. GH is knee deep in the most sleezy females. GH touts strippers, con women, women who use their bodies to control men and get ahead, women who sleep with men to con them out of money as heroins. Where are the good girls to go with the bad boys? Where are the women we can look up to and aspire to be like.? I forgot this is GH were they kill off and destroy every rootable character and couple. GH has no one to blame for its problems except themselves. Fans have given up on GH because GH refuses to listen to them. GH needs to start writing for the fans and stop writing for themselves.
    The most recent firing of Rebeca Herbst is the final straw for me. To fire another veteran actress in favor of all these newbies fans are not invested in is disgraceful. Elizabeth Webber is one of the few legacy characters left on GH. A Webber/Hardy and the mother of a Morgan/Quartermane. Which would hve been another great storyline, one I have waited years for, Edward finding out about Jake.. So many wasted opportunities. GH jusr refuses to do anything that benefits the show. Gh is selling a product and the fans (consumers) are not happy with the product. When are TPTB going to wake up and start listening to their consumers and fix the damage that has been done to GH?

  57. Leslye
    February 4, 2011 at 1:30 am

    Great summary. It would be a really great story if the entire canvas could actually be brought in. My biggest disappointment with the show is that all those wonderful characters are excluded from stories where they belong as family and friends. I think bringing in Elizabeth would have a lot to offer as a virgin teen rape survivor just as Micheal is. He knows her from all those years she was with his cousin Lucky and Jason knows how deeply she was affected and how she struggled for years to overcome it. How easy for him to go to her and ask for her help with Michael. It is not going to be enough to have people that are just there for him.

  58. Caroleena
    February 4, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    Nice overview of the show and how Michael’s rape could/should affect the canvas. Like so many I feel compelled to mention Elizabeth for obvious reasons. The author mentions her distinct connection to the story. One that’s been so obvious to many for ages and yet the story arch continues to ignore.

    Maybe it would just be a side comment to make if GH hadn’t just sited Rebecca Herbst ousting as being story dictated. See, fans here and the author just dictated a story line that REQUIRES her presences on the show.

    All in all, I would be interested to see how this lays out for Michael first and foremost, then how it relates to the Holy Triumphant: Jason/Carly/Sonny —- BUT since the announcement of Herbst firing, and the ultimate demise of my fave character Elizabeth Webber,– I haven’t turned to the TV once to watch it.

    And I have no desire to.

  59. TT
    February 4, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    One of GH’s problems in the last years has been their lack of use of the ensemble cast, especially when it makes sense for these characters to be brought into the stories. Instead, GH isolates characters — hospital stories versus mob stories– and only brings them together for plot points, but not to interweave characters who have a long history.

    I have never been a fan of the Michael character; I don’t understand how he is so central to what is written for the show. With that said though, his prison rape had potential to be a terrific story to bring all aspects of the canvas together — instead it became a story that focused on the same four characters.

    It seems to me that Jax and Elizabeth could have been characters who had experience with thisi type of tragedy, but they were no where near the story — instead Sam hires him a hooker — WTH?

    Well, it’s GH; I haven’t believed in their ability to take sensitive issues and turn them into anything other than a bust.

    ie. Robin’s PPD, Lucky’s infidelity, or Jason’s ability to forgive someone who betrayed him.

    GH’s critical mistake, especially in the last two years, is its ignoring the dialogue written into stories between characters [as if the conversations had never happened] and having characters on the show do 180s and act totally out of character. The writers may forget, but the viewers who know the characters and know the history, well, they totally don’t forget. GH has not written for their audience — they have written for an audience that doesn’t exist.

    GH has lost touch.

  60. soapbox1
    February 4, 2011 at 8:48 pm

    (Note: Christina sent this to me via e-mail. She tried to post this, but for some reason she was unable to get this post accepted by the site. So I’m posting it for her. Michele)

    Love the article! It’s not about favorites. It’s about telling a real story from beginning to end and including every character that would be affected as if this were to happen in real life.

    Love or hate Elizabeth Webber, Monica and the rest of the Qs, or Jax, but they should all play parts in Michael’s rape storyline. Elizabeth knows what it’s like to be raped at a young age and have your entire life change. She’s also had experience being there for someone who’s been raped i.e. when it happened to Emily. Jax’s rape, though diminished by the show, puts him in a unique position to help Michael as well.

    As for Michael and Elizabeth being strangers, it is often easier to tell a semi-stranger traumatic things than it is to tell someone who’s close, sometimes it is even necessary, but Elizabeth and Michael are not strangers. I could go into detail, but the fact is relationships are dropped or just not shown once GH moves on to the next plot point. It’s unrealistic. GH needs to SHOW relationships building, sustaining, and-or dying between all of the characters, and not just MENTION things like family dinners every Sunday or Jake and Cam being at Bobbie’s with Michael and Morgan. It’s the relationships that make the stories and plot points come to life.

    Why should we care about Michael’s rape? Some will always care either because they are fans of Michael himself or because the story gets to the viewer in general, but most need his connections to care. GH needs to stop keeping characters in bubbles and instead integrate them logically, which as this article suggests, Michael’s rape storyline could easily fix. I just hope GH decides to tell the whole story, including the characters that should be included, instead of it just being another plot point.

  61. Crispy829
    February 5, 2011 at 10:09 am

    I’m addressing your latest comment to the character of Sonny Corinthos. First and foremost, I’m a huge, huge, huge fan of Maurice Benard and have been since his days of playing Nico Kelly on AMC. With that being said, I’m going to wholeheartedly agree with you about Sonny Corinthos needing to go off canvas for a bit. And again, you are right. If we are speaking realistic, Sonny is Michael’s father and yes Sonny has a boat load of emotional problems which have only been touched upon and is an attributing factor of how he has lived his life since he was a child.

    Let’s also be realistic that Maurice Benard had used his own experience with bi-polar in bringing it to light on the show and audience where more and more are speaking out about this disease. Here is another golden opportunity for him to call upon this medical condition as he the father to Michael Corinthos deals with his actions and the ramifications of this leading to his son being brutally attacked. And no I don’t mean to in any way, shape or form diminish the true essence of the Michael storyline but how it would be an avenue to give Maurice Benard a lengthy hiatus from the show while other viable actors/characters be at the forefront of this story.

    I would love for Sonny to go in his study, close himself off from everyone and go to that place where he is asking himself “where did I go wrong” in being a good father to a son who he adores or “what actions I could have taken to better protect my son from the harsh brutality of prison” or “I never wanted my life to touch Michael yet it has and it’s all my fault.” Let Sonny play the martyr role for a change instead of Jason, which by the way has gotten terribly old for the longest time. All of this could be done through flashbacks as he reflects on his choices. As a loving father, which I have no doubt Sonny is to Michael in his own way, this could be what precipitates Sonny going so deep into that dark side where Brenda and his other love ones would have to make the painful decision to commit him for psychiatric treatment for his break from reality. There’s your way of writing out Sonny.

    This is the logical transgression for a man like Sonny who suffers more than anyone because he willingly brought Michael into his life of danger that he would make him revisit this dark place. The last time he went there only touched the surface. This time touches the core of his very existence since it happened to his son being abuse as he was only more brutal.

    The character of Sonny would be off canvas (a spring hiatus like Tony Geary takes throughout the year) dealing with his emotional breakdown leaving behind his love ones dealing with their own separate journeys as the brutal attack on Michael resonates to the core on all characters involved. From Michael’s emotional journey to accepting what happened to him to dealing with them through the help of therapy, support groups and his support coach, Elizabeth Webber. Speaking of Elizabeth, how about her revisiting the emotional journey she underwent as she sees it through the eyes of Michael. This could be her way of finding out that she doesn’t need a man to make her complete and live her life as she fits, not how others wishes her to be. What about Jason’s personal journey of how his life choices all tie-in to how he has tried to shelter Michael yet it doesn’t matter that danger can come in all shapes. He reexamines why he feels that he has to remain cut-off from his son’s life? Carly who feels helpless that the one woman (Elizabeth) she despises the most is the one that Michael is turning to and be accepting of it. This is her journey of getting to the point of why she has always assumed things about Elizabeth thereby finding out her true strength. Monica, her guilt over not pushing more to being included in her grandson’s life and now having Jason turn to her more and more for emotional help. Edward and Robin’s own journey as they deal with what’s happen to the child they love and no more taking a backseat. And finally, with Michael spending so much time in Elizabeth’s presences he makes the connection about Jake being Jason’s son and how the uncle he has idolized forever could turn his back on him, and how this all leads to the outing of Jake’s paternity once and for all.

    Yes Silas, you are right for the third time. Characters and actors aside, this whole storylines has to do with the writers. They have it in their minds how to tell compelling stories that could reenergize and reinvigorate the very face of General Hospital for the next few years. I’m not going to say decade as yet because they need to fix what Brian Frons has willingly destroyed with his micromanaging, disregard to what fans want and his egomaniacal need to be in control of every aspect of this show where he has systematically run it into the ground.

    Like you, I want the writers to have the guts to write this storyline the way it should be written. Tell the story where the entire canvas is included not utilizing the select few that Frons deems are necessary to make this story move. Allow the important actors/actresses who should be in this storyline to execute their art to the fullest. No you are not the big bad wolf out to get Sonny. You are the voice that has the guts to tell it like it is. I’m the consumer and I don’t GH to keep giving me fillers. I want what I purchased years ago. I want Bob Guza and his merry band of writers to kick it in gear, with no interference from Brian Frons, be allowed the ability to weave this tale that have fans breaking down doors to purchase.

  62. LuAnne
    February 5, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    What a beautiful tribute down memory lane. I would much rather watch reruns from the 80’s than all the mob stuff today. Thanks for the memories.

  63. Angelica
    February 5, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    What a wonderful, insightful article. Watching GH of late has been difficult and I find myself attracted to moments, rather than story.
    Perhaps that is because the storie seem disjointed and patched together.Chad Duell is doing a tremendous job with the rape storyline, but this week, it has become all about Dante, Sonny, and Carly’s reaction.
    I hear Monica’s name mentioned over the hospital page system, but wonder how powerful it would be for Monica to be there for Michael. No one understands the impact of rape like Elizabeth Webber. Michael is a Quartermaine, and that aspect of his family is ignored.
    I cannot fathom the total immersion in the Balkan, Brenda, and Dante storyline. I spend most of my time wondering how Brenda turned into this whiny needy woman. I just want this storyline over.
    There is no balance on GH anymore. There are many talented veteran actors who are rarely seen on the show anymore.
    I find myself missing scenes with Spinelli. Here is a character with so much potential who has lost any point of view. I can’t believe that he couldn’t figure out who the Balkan is, if given the opportunity.
    Michaels rape storyline, the Balkan storyline and the Scrubs storyline all had the potential to integrate this talented cast and make the stories impactful and intriguing. Instead, the focus is on a few core characters ( and we all know who they are) along with new characters I personally feel no attachment to.
    Missed opportunity….total mistake

  64. Keeks
    February 6, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    Michael has been a central character since his birth in 97. He hasn’t been used to tie the canvas together before, I doubt he will now. Sorry if this is a cynical approach but I actually find Michael to be one of the many problems plaguing the show. The few stories they tell are driven by the same few characters and viewers are subjected to more and more isolation of the characters. Soaps used to be about family and friends and how everyone knew each others business in their respective soapland. Port Charles used to be like that and General Hospital used to understand that.

    Michael is also not the only character that has many ties that could connect the isolated characters together. I think someone else pointed out that Jake has just as many (and I would argue, if not more). And if you think about it, blood isn’t everything, there are characters that can help tie stories together just by who they know and have a history with. Elizabeth Webber is one such character. Both her and the father of her son would have been able to tie together the vastly separate spheres: the hospital and the mob.

    Michael’s rape storyline could have been good but they once again dropped the ball on it. I feel like a few good scenes at the end of January for the reveal does not discount the fact that the overall execution has been terrible. Michael was raped at the beginning of the summer. When he was released we were privy to a few moments where Michael was skittish and then nothing for several months. And when they decided to pick it back up mid fall it was in the sleaziest way possible. Am I suppose to think Sam hiring a hooker to help Michael with his ‘problem’ after eavesdropping on a private conversation is anything but horrendously bad judgement. And to top it off we have Jason basically going along with it and Carly, who was the only one to show good judgement, come off as the bad guy because she was worried about Michael breaking his parole because he was spending time with a hooker/stripper. As she should be. Why was no one else concerned about this?

    And yes I agree with the majority of previous posters, this would have been a perfect opportunity to include the only other rape survivor currently in Port Charles, Elizabeth Webber. She knows what Michael is going through and can be another source of support for him and for Jason. Yes, even though the show is trying to get us to forget, Jason and Elizabeth (and Michael) have a long history (dating back to 98). Instead the show fired her portrayer, Becky Herbst. Someone who is well loved by many viewers.

    I could go on for pages it seems, there is so much wrong with General Hospital, the show I used to love, that it’s hard to know where to start. It would be nice if this storyline could tie the ever isolated canvas. I have my doubts it will happen.

    I will leave with one last concern. Although Jason/Michael scenes are decent and at times great, I find it very hard to watch while Jason shows so much concern for his nephew whenever anyone tries to harm him, while he wants to seek revenge on those that have and at the same time having him sleep with the woman who did put his own son in harm’s way. It is something I will never get past and it makes Jason look horrible. I would love to have a scene where Michael finds out about the whole sordid history and confronts Jason about abandoning Jake because of the so called danger.

    Not much of my post has been positive but it’s hard to be for a show that displays so much disrespect toward its viewers, the actors (especially the vets), its characters and its history. Much needs to be fixed to return it to the greatness it once was.

  65. Kermitklein
    February 8, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    To me they have really written Jason in a corner when it comes to the things he say and do when it comes to children. He couldn’t be in Jake’s life because of the danger, yet children are walking in and out of his PH at all times of the day and not one time have we heard Jason utter the phrase “maybe he/she shouldn’t come around, it could be dangerous for them’. And yes people might argue that Krissy, Morgan, and Mikey are Sonny’s kids so they are already in the mob world. But not Molly. Molly isn’t Sonny’s kid. We have Jason going on and on about Mikey and the injustice done by Mikey but like Keeks said, he’s sleeping with and carrying on a relationship with a woman that purposely tried to endanger his child’s life. That’s why I was so turned off with the Jason hate for Claudia. Because, yea, Mikey got shot, but it was a ricocheting bullet. We instantly saw remorse when Claudia found out that Mikey was shot. The bullet was not purposely aimed at Mikey. However, Sam not saying anything about Maureen taking Jake and actually hindering the progress to find him, Sam hiring the men to point guns at Elizabeth/Cake in the park, those were not accidents. Those were actions done on PURPOSE. And she showed no remorse. She gloated about how it was a lesson that Jason needed to learn. So to watch Jason have such anger when it comes to the wrongs done to Mikey and actually saying lines to Sam about child endangerers like she’s exempt or something is beyond ridiculous.

    Yea and I know all about her ‘saving’ Jake in 2008 with that ridiculous storyline and yes I do consider that storyline one of the dumbest storylines that GH have ever done for dialogue alone. I would go into great details but I’ll just give one example: when you have a character like Elizabeth say that she never knew gunfire was that loud, then that is very bad dialogue and writing considering she was at the B&W ball where shooting occurred, she was in the MC hostage crisis where shooting occurred, and one of the most important things….she has been shot before herself, she should not be uttering that line because she has been involved in many occassions where shooting occurred. And the ‘maybe she was in shock’ excuse doesn’t wash considering she’s basically an old pro at hearing gunfire considering that even Lucky shot at her.

    But back to my rant, why does that ‘saving’ of Jake not wash for me or make it alright for Jason to be bedding Sam because I look at it like this. Yes, I know its a soap. But soap has to be based on some part with reality so people can relate in order for people not to turn off. To have Jason cool with Sam to the point where he’s back in a relationship with her after what she did to Jake while he’s condemning other people like he did Claudia, Carter, Dante for what they did to Mikey whether accidently or on purpose in Carter’s case makes Jason look so horrible as a character because no true parent would do that and it has ruined Jason’s character to do this. The man that it took over 10 years to forgive Robin for telling AJ about Mikey. The man that hated AJ because he thought AJ was only using Mikey to get in the good graces of the Q’s. The man that hunted down Faith because of her kidnapping Krissy, Mikey, and Morgan. The man that refused to threaten a grandmother and her grandchild when Sam asked him to in order to keep Hope. It makes Jason look even more ridiculous that he can forgive so quickly what someone did to his son and gloated about it where he’s never been so easily forgiven about what someone has did something to Mikey.