I’ve held off writing about Natalia Livingston‘s return to General Hospital ever since I heard the official announcement last month.
However, I just can’t withhold my incredulity any longer.
Let me preface all this by saying how much I like Natalia. Every interview I’ve read and public appearance I’ve seen makes me believe she’s a true sweetheart.
And let me also stress that I liked the character of Emily. I would welcome her back in a heartbeat.
The problem is, Natalia won’t be Emily this time around.
Nope. She will be doppelganger Rebecca. And a “bad girl,” to boot.
Yeah. I’m not too happy about that.
Well, first, GH kills off legacy character Emily FOR NO APPARENT REASON. (Although I think Tyler Christopher had some amazing scenes in the aftermath.) I don’t even like to admit there was a Text-Message Killer, the story was that inept, disjointed, pointless and just plain awful.
Not that it upset me or anything.
Then, the show follows Emily’s death with the senseless, gratuitously staged murder of Georgie Jones. That still has me seething.
Guess what those two characters had in common (despite deep GH ties and wasted potential)?
They were both good girls.
Now, I know good girls aren’t usually as “exciting,” but … listen closely, GH … YOU NEED THEM. Really. Without the sweet, you’re left with too much sour … and viewers start grimacing throughout the entire show.
Not good.
Of course, Rebecca could turn out to the most amazingest character ever. (Although, really, how often does an actor’s second role on a show translate as well as the first? coughClaudiacough)
Time will tell. (Natalia’s return air date is scheduled for Jan. 15.)
I’m just tired of losing characters I know and love, only to have them replaced by strangers (no matter who plays them).
Hey, I have a novel idea, GH. Why don’t you try not killing young, beloved legacy characters off in the first place?
Or would that require too much creative thinking on your part?
I started the new year bitter, didn’t I?

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