What is it about certain characters on soap operas? You know the ones I mean. Those selfish, self-absorbed characters who do hurtful, even despicable things, and yet you still root for them.
Right now, I have one that, for some reason, pulls at my heartstrings, even though my brain
tells me to “Cut ‘im loose. He doesn’t deserve your sympathy.”
Well, brain, I just can’t help it. Maybe my fellow soap viewers can shed some light on this strange phenomenon.
I present my case in point: Ric Lansing on General Hospital.
How many horrible things has this man done? All because he can’t get past his grudge against Sonny?
Let’s see. He made Carly believe he had raped her. He tried to blackmail Courtney into marrying him. Later, he kidnapped Carly while she was pregnant, chaining her up in a sound-proof room with the intention of stealing her and Sonny’s baby. He drugged his then-wife, Elizabeth, and also let her drink poison at one point. He slept with his own step-daughter, Sam. And he took daughter Molly away from a cancer-stricken Alexis, not because she couldn’t handle being a mother during her illness, but because he felt like being spiteful.
When I see his crimes in black and white, it’s crystal clear how horrible he has been and can be.
But then he’ll have a scene with Molly, and I’ll melt. Or a confrontation with Sonny, arrogance personified, and I get out my “Go, Ric!” pompoms. Or he’ll be on the receiving end of an insult from his father, Trevor, and I think, “Awww, poor Ric, it’s no wonder he’s so messed up.”
I think I’ll just give the credit to portrayer Rick Hearst. He has a way of bringing out shades of vulnerability in Ric. The tenderness and fierce protectiveness he has for Molly. How he longs for respect from Sonny. The traces of the little boy who just wants his dad to love him.
Oh, curses, here I go again. I can’t stay mad at ya, can I, Ric? You just keep pulling me back in.

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One thought on “Why do I feel for ya, Ric?

  1. Kevin
    September 27, 2007 at 5:00 pm

    Kara, I’m a big fan. But do you think maybe you’re sympathy for Ric is mostly due to your general disdain for Sonny? Almost every blog you do about GH has some kind of anti-Sonny comment in it. That said, you do still have a lot of fertile ground to cover with him, the mumbling, insistence upon calling Kate “Connie Falconeri”, his ludicrous disregard for any independent thought Jason might have, Soily, his insistence on controlling all the women in his life, then looking surprised when they fight back, etc. Whew! I’m pooped now. Anyway, you guys keep up the good work. I love reading the blogs.