I can see both sides of the Sonny/Carly custody impasse on General Hospital.
One the one hand, Carly (Laura Wright) has a point. Sonny (Maurice Benard) lives a dangerous life, he has plenty of enemies and everyone close to him gets hurt. Michael is the most recent and glaring example. I can’t blame her for wanting to distance her sons from Sonny now.
On the other hand, Sonny is Morgan’s father. And Michael’s, too, due to the fact that he (ironically, no?) forced biological father A.J. to sign over his parental rights. He wants to be in their lives. His connection to these boys isn’t just going to disappear even if he legally separates himself from them. A signature on a piece of paper isn’t necessarily going to keep them from being a target because Sonny’s enemies know Michael and Morgan are important to him.
Morgan has already lost a lot. Is it really fair to pull his father away, as well? Then again, keeping him alive and well has to be the top priority.
Who will win out? It should be interesting to see.
Perhaps what has me most intrigued by all this is where exactly will Jason (Steve Burton) fit in?
I mean, if Sonny’s too dangerous to be near the kids, shouldn’t the same apply to Jason? Especially if the mob enforcer becomes the new mob boss.
Something tells me, however, that Carly’s going to somehow “Carly logic” her way around it, like she always does.
But we’ll see.
This could be one of those rare moments when GH … and the character of Carly … actually surprise me.

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2 thoughts on “Will Carly’s danger rule apply to Jason on GH?

  1. Kimi
    May 27, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    In this case, Carly’s wrong. As you & everyone else keep saying – signing over parental rights is no guarantee that Sonny’s enemies won’t come after any of them in the future. Doing that will only hurt Morgan in the end & he’s lost enough (Letitia, Emily, Michael)
    I’m sure you saw the promo where Jason tells Sonny he’ll take over the biz if he signs away his rights. I don’t see what Sonny nor Morgan have to gain at this point by doing this, sure won’t bring Michael back. It’ll just give Morgan a false sense of security cuz eventually he’ll be a target again, it’s inevitable.
    But I DID love Jason telling Sonny “you don’t just get to quit now” he was 100% right. Sonny tried to do some reverse psychology crappola about “what happened to the innocent young guy with all these questions”. Why should Sonny get to start over after he’s ruined so many lives in the name of the ones he loves/cares about?
    Too little, too late on the parts of Sonny, Carly & Jason. No matter what they do now, they can’t undo the damage done. I can still hear them saying “AJ is too dangerous to be around Michael” & Sonny putting him on that meathook til he signed away his parental rights.
    And it’s only fitting that Jason has to give up his son & watch another man raise him after stealing his own brother’s son, raising him as his own, then passing him off to be raised by a mobster all while his brother watched. I’ll bet having an AJ as a father isn’t looking so bad right about now to any of them.
    Karma is a you know what!
    & I have to give 2 thumbs down to Jax on this (surprise surprise lol) cuz he’s the 1 convincing Carly to get Sonny to sign, even against the advice of his best friend/attorney Alexis who has as much to lose as Carly – more if you consider the fact that Alexis never wanted Sonny to know the truth for this very reason.
    This is Jax’s best opportunity to separate Carly/Sonny, not convinced he’s considering what’s really best for Morgan.
    Have to give props to GH for doing this story at all. Thought for sure we’d forever watch Jason, Sonny & Carly doing whatever they want with zero repercussions for their actions. Don’t like that Michael got shot, but like how it’s playing out.
    WHEW sorry so long! 🙂 I’ve been waiting years to have a real reason to say all that & some facts to back it up with lol

  2. Kimi
    May 27, 2008 at 1:41 pm

    & sorry but never addressed the title of your blog.
    I do not think Carly’s rule will apply to Jason & that’s what makes this whole thing even more ridiculous.
    Even if Sonny does sign away his right, I don’t believe Carly will EVER turn Jason away. If it weren’t for Jax’s insistence & having those papers drawn up without even asking, Carly wouldn’t even be turning Sonny away.
    And another thing – Jason does realize he is Michael’s biological uncle, right? He never refers to Michael as his nephew or tells anyone that he’s his uncle. At the Aftercare Institute the woman asked who he is & he said “a friend”. Somebody get him a family tree lol.