Woo to the hoo!
Yeah, I’m pretty excited about last night’s I Wanna Be a Soap Star results. Yves was finally shown the door (several weeks too late, in my opinion), leaving the two most worthy contestants: Ashlee and Jimena.
Don’t you just love it when the judges on a show actually get something right?
Hogan “Big Ole Teddy Bear” Sheffer finally voiced what I’ve felt about Yves all along: There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of depth to him as a performer.
I will reluctantly admit that I was slightly torn because I felt like this was one of Yves’ best scenes. Plus, he really seems like a decent person with a great sense of humor. Add the fact that he’s married to a supportive woman, has a beautiful daughter and boasts leading-man looks … well, if I were a man, I’d probably hate him. As it is, I just think he had less to offer than either Ashlee or Jimena. I’m glad the judges agreed.
Now it’s down to the final two. And you know what? I’m not only thrilled by the fact that the best contestants are in the finale; I’m just as satisfied that they are both female. It’s high time for a woman to win Soap Star. It should have been a woman last season … *cough*BethAnn Bonner*cough* … not that I’m holding a grudge.
In case you didn’t know, viewers get a say in the finale, which will air Oct. 16. You can vote by e-mail at SOAPnet, or by calling 1-888-4-SOAP-01 for Ashlee or 1-888-4-SOAP-02 for Jimena. Each phone number/e-mail address gets five votes, so get hoppin’!


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