First, I extend congratulations to Ashlee, winner of this season’s I Wanna Be a Soap Star. She’s beautiful and talented. She has a touching back story involving single motherhood and an adorable son. And she worked hard for the prize. She will make a wonderful addition to Days of Our Lives.
But I still think Jimena should have won.
The Colombian beauty offered the most honest, riveting performances of the show. Did she hit the mark every time? No. Then again, neither did anyone else, even Ashlee. But when Jimena was at her best, no one compared. That should have been more than enough to win her the title.
I’m not exceedingly disappointed, though. It’s not like last season when a lesser contestant took the top honor. Ashlee is a very worthy winner. If Jimena wasn’t destined to be this year’s Soap Star, then I’m more than happy to see Ashlee wearing the crown.
It’s about time Soap Star had a female winner, and I liked that viewers had a say this go ’round. In fact, the show was a pleasant surprise for me, especially when I had been ready to give up on it after last season. This batch of actors was the best yet, and I look forward to seeing what next season will bring.
Now all I need is for some soap to snatch up Jimena and put her on-screen ASAP. I, for one, would tune in to watch.


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