I guess I was slightly off in my predictions for I Wanna Be a Soap Star last week. But I refuse to be thwarted and shall try my hand at it again.
Justin, whom I had picked to come in second, got the boot. I was surprised because, once again, I just didn’t get the strong appeal of Yves. I’m not saying Justin blew my soap socks off, but I definitely think he did better than Yves.
Mary Beth Evans made a great point when she said she was surprised to learn Yves has a child. That right there should have given off warning bells to the judges, but ah, well. Perhaps they gave him sympathy points because he was the only one who had to deal with a visibly cranky kid.
My biggest knock against Yves? His refusal to use his personal life, i.e. his role as a father, as inspiration to play the scene. Huh? What’s he relying on then? A nice smile and good hair, I guess. I’m starting to think that’s what the judges are going by, in any case.
Now, Yves seems like a nice guy. And he doesn’t suck. I just think he was the weakest actor last week.
On the bright side, Jimena’s still in the game … and I believe she’s still the most deserving of the prize.
Check out SOAPnet tonight and see if you agree.


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