Where has all the fun in One Live To Live gone?
Tess is going from bad to worse in her torture of Natalie.
The post-traumatic stress-wracked Brody attacked Marcie, kidnapped Shane and shot Rex.
The Todd and Marty storyline just keeps getting worse as Marty falls in love with her rapist.
Langston is being torn out of the only stable home that she’s had in the past two years to live with a murderer.
Christian is still in Columbia trying to get back to Llanview after escaping from the horrid Columbian prison.
Kind of depressing, eh?
But Tuesday there were a couple of really good scenes that I found myself smiling about.
And those were between Blair (Kassie DePaiva) and her mother Addie Cramer (Pamela Payton-Wright).
There some very sweet, tender mother-daughter moments.
DePaiva and Payton-Wright really conveyed that mother-daughter connection and both provided a little respite from the deep, dark, depressing storylines swirling around Llanview.
Addie just brightens my day when she’s on-screen and I am so glad that her new medication has allowed her to come out of St. Ann’s and rejoin the world.
I love her life “to-do” list and the way she systematically set out to do all the things she missed out on while she was institutionalized.
One of the things I love about Addie is that she realizes that life is short and you should live lift to the fullest.
That’s because she’s missed out on so much her whole life.
And she realizes that it could all be taken away in the blink of an eye.
“If my medication stops working I could go back to being sweet, simple Addie again and I have to face it. We never know what the future is going to bring. That’s why we have to make the most of every day.”
Well said, Addie.
Words to live by.
We should all take that advice.

One thought on “Addie and Blair Shine on OLTL

  1. Sharona
    November 26, 2008 at 1:40 pm

    Wow, your coverage of Super Soaps Weekend just blew me away. You both deserve raises despite the economic slump, what a great job. It looked like you worked your butts off and I am exhausted just reading it all, keep it coming..nice, nice work and keep it up, this is probably the best soap blog out there and how innovative your newspaper editors were to create a platform for you both. You obviously have great insight on every thing and every one you write about…keep up the good work.
    your rabid and vampire-like soap fan, Sharona