Thom Christopher and BethAnn Bonner are truly electric together as the estranged father/daughter duo of Talia Sahid and Carlo Hesser on One Life to Live.
I’ve written before about my appreciation for BethAnn’s talents … and my utter adoration of Thom.
Who knew that putting them together would make each performer that much better?
I love that Talia is getting such a complicated and exciting back story. Her scenes with Carlo, the biological father she can’t stand, simply drip with animosity. But underneath it all is that undercurrent of family, the feeling that blood binds her to Carlo, makes her somewhat protective of him in the face of Antonio’s fury, even though she wishes it weren’t so. (Check out some of their scenes below.)

Ironically, Carlo finds her contempt positively Hesser-worthy. He practically beams with pride whenever Talia spits out how much she hates him. He admires her passion and resolve, even as she points her dagger eyes his way.
Seeing BethAnn in scenes with Thom has added so many layers to Talia. And it’s given Carlo yet another golden child to obsess over and manipulate.
Although the two characters are at odds, it’s obvious that BethAnn and Thom are on the same page. They have forged a quick connection as performers, making their scenes together click.
As a soap viewer, I know that kind of chemistry between actors is never a given. I just hope the OLTL higher-ups recognize how fortunate they are.

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