Natalie Buchanan (Melissa Archer) is one of my favorite characters on One Life to Live.
From the start, I enjoyed her fiery nature. The red-haired vixen blew into Llanview with a bad case of resentment for her biological family, the Buchanans, particularly when it came to fraternal twin Jessica.
I enjoyed watching her wreak havoc because, frankly, I enjoy a good troublemaker on my soaps.
Through the years Natalie has mellowed a bit. In fact, she came dangerously close to losing the edge I love so much. There were times when I longed to see the spitfire return.
I’m starting to think this might be a case of be careful what you wish for.
Since Jared (John Brotherton) entered her life, Natalie has definitely showed more spunk. But this latest turn of events is just too much.
To have Natalie forgive Jared for lying about being her uncle is one thing, but to become a willing participant in the facade?
It’s been rather sickening for me to watch her making out with a man whom everyone else still believes is her uncle.
I realize Natalie now knows they’re not related. But I have to say, OLTL, it really doesn’t make their intimacy that much easier to swallow.
Most upsetting to me, though, is that she’s lying to her family about something pretty huge.
It’s like she’s back to where she’s started when she first came to town. Only this time, I’m not enjoying her escapades nearly so much.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t like Natalie’s lies on OLTL

  1. Kimi
    April 29, 2008 at 9:00 pm

    I’m not sure I can accept Natalie/Jared given the uncle thing. I see/feel their chemistry, but it’s still too weird & even feels icky whenever someone walks in on them being too close for comfort.
    I’m kinda torn. I also loved spitfire Natty & altho I LOVED Natalie/John, I hated the person she eventually became trying to keep him.
    I do enjoy watching her torture Jared with the secret, but think it’s gonna take awhile before I can forget all this uncle stuff.
    And I still find it at the height of hypocrisy that Natalie is going thru all this to keep David Vickers out of the family since it wasn’t that long ago that nobody wanted her around as a Buchanan.
    And listening to Jared talk about how horrible David Vickers is when to my knowledge he hasn’t even *met* David (did I miss an episode?) is ludicrous. Even if he did meet David, what makes Jared (or Natty) think he’s any better than David, except maybe on a business level?
    Jared’s “I never had a real family” tale is sad, but not enough to justify any of this for me.
    Admittedly, I beccame a real OLTL fan when my girl Skye (Robin Christopher) joined the cast. I watched OLTL sporadically back in the day (mostly for the “real” Tina) cuz it used to come on opposite my other favorite show, Another World which I never missed. So I am not familiar with all OLTL history, especially with David Vickers.
    But can anyone tell me – has David done anything that horrible in the past that he deserves to have his birthright kept from him?

  2. Kara
    April 29, 2008 at 11:53 pm

    Hi, Kimi. I don’t recall David doing anything *that* bad. Except for helping Todd sell Blair’s baby, I guess, but I always held Todd way more accountable for that atrocity.
    David’s just the ultimate con. When he first came to Llanview, he tried to pass himself off as Victor Lord’s long, lost son. Of course, now we know that was really Todd. Since then David’s pretty much been the funny freeloader we all know and love.
    He gets involved in a few schemes here and there. And he’s a blatant opportunist. But I have to agree with your point. What is so bad about David that Natalie feels she still needs to lie about the truth?
    Maybe she finds it kind of exciting to be having a secret affair with Jared. LOL. All I know is it’s still kinda icky for me.
    Thanks, as always, for your thoughts 🙂

  3. Kimi
    May 1, 2008 at 11:21 am

    Kara thanks for that explanation. I was watching full time when David helped Todd sell Jack. If memory serves, Todd forced (blackmailed?) David into doing that, threatening him with jail or something. I always blamed Todd for the whole thing, too.
    You are probably right, as long as Nat is in control of this secret, she gets to keep Jared close.
    Love Soapbox – keep it coming! 🙂