I watched the recent One Life to Live scenes between Nash (Forbes March) and Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes) with interest. OK, it was more like shock. It’s hard for me to believe that Nash has the nerve to get an attitude. I realize he’s in danger of losing his precious vineyard, but guess what? Antonio lost a heck of a lot more, and much of it was thanks to Nash.
Let’s review:
Nash fell in love with Tess, Jessica’s alter ego. Jessica (Bree Williamson) was in love with Antonio. Jess/Tess got pregnant and, in true soap opera fashion, had no clue who the father was. It turned out to be Nash.
Jessica wanted to undergo therapy to integrate her personalities. Instead of being supportive and recognizing that the woman he loved had a real illness, Nash worked hard to keep Jess as Tess. Conveniently enough, when Jess and Tess did integrate, Nash decided he was now in love with Jessica and pursued her accordingly.
Jessica agreed to marry Antonio, even though she was conflicted about the decision because of her feelings for Nash. Antonio then risked his life to save Nash and Jessica from a fire, which had inconveniently interrupted their make-out session.
Then Jessica was supposed to adopt Antonio’s daughter but backed out at the last minute.
She was apparently so upset by the emotional upheaval she had caused that she ran off and subsequently made passionate love to Nash outside, at the quarry, in the middle of a rainstorm.
Now, after all that has passed, Nash has the audacity to be miffed that Antonio wants to sell his part of the vineyard, a venture that Antonio took on in a measure of good faith toward Nash?
My favorite moment was when Nash claimed that Antonio was being spiteful by selling his vineyard shares to a stranger. Uh, really, Nash? You think Antonio might actually harbor a little resentment after all that has transpired? I sure wouldn’t blame him.
In fact, Antonio has been more gracious than I would have expected. He even agreed to be a partial liver donor for Jessica, despite having just learned that Jessica planned on leaving him for Nash.
Ah, yes, and let’s not forget the final blow. Jessica and Nash got married before the ink was barely dry on her divorce from Antonio.
Yeah, it’s pretty clear Antonio doesn’t owe you squat, so while I’d like to say I feel sorry for ya, Nash, I think you brought these sour grapes on yourself.

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