I just watched One Life To Live and I have to say it was one big – Awwwww.
I had tears in my eyes the whole time.
They were good tears.
Not sad tears.
But sentimental tears.
From Charlie recreating the Bon Jour Cafe for Viki and bringing back Noelle and Moe to Bo’s speech at the Buchanan gathering, it was all so heartwarming – hence the tears.
Erika Slezak as Viki and Brian Kerwin as Charlie – watching them together is like reading a beautiful poem.
vikiand charlie.jpg
Viki and Charlie
How about the end of Bo’s speech when he singled out Cole and said that God should bless him for enduring what no one should have to endure. Loved it!
Robert S. Woods as Bo brought tears to my eyes throughout his monologue.
And I love the fact that Renee forgave Natalie and Jared. It brought that storyline around to some degree of closure and now, hopefully, everyone can move on.
Okay, there was some bit of craziness at the Vega and Cramer gatherings, compliments of Sarah and Dorian, respectively.
I have to say – and maybe I’m divulging a bit too much – but I could see myself going off on Vanessa like Sarah (Justis Bolding) did.
I mean come on, the woman is obviously a viper and Sarah, a bit tipsy at best, needed to vent and protect her man, Christian.
So, yeah, I was cheering at that part.
I loved that final montage with all of the family gatherings meeting together at the new Buenos Dias Cafe, the former site of Carlotta’s Diner, which Charlie rebuilt in the form of the Bon Jour for Viki!
And, yeah, more tears.
You could just see the real emotion in Slezak’s eyes as Viki looked around at all the various characters gathered at the spot that she holds dear to her heart.
You know when I interviewed Slezak at Super Soap Weekend two weeks ago, she said the Paris, Texas storyline and the Bon Jour Cafe with Moe and Noelle was her favorite storyline…and I have to agree that it was one of my all time favorites too.
Click here to read my interview with Slezak.
Slezak said that she loves the fact that the Bon Jour crew – Gigi (Farah Fath), Noelle (January LaVoy) and Moe (John Rue) are all real working people.
And speaking of January LaVoy, she’s co-starring in “Home,” at the Signature Theatre Company in New York City.
The play is an incredible piece of theatre and January, along with her co-stars Tracey Bonner and Kevin T. Carroll delivered some very powerful performances.
Suffice it to say that if you’re in New York City and you want to enjoy a profoundly moving theatre experience that you’re not likely to forget, reserve your tickets ASAP. Go to www.signaturetheatre.org

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