I Cannot WAIT to watch One Life To Live today.
Because, if you remember, the very last thing we saw on Cliffhanger Friday, was Bess trying to make a run for it once again with Chloe….
And just as she opens the door to exit Nash’s parents place, Bess comes face to face with —– Brody!!!!
I’m thinking that maybe the sight of the dashing Navy Seal will stir feelings that go deep down beyond the emotionless Bess and cause Jess to reemerge.
It happened before, when Bess was driving and Brody called on the phone.
Jess broke through, albeit shortly.
Bree Williamson, portrayer of the trio of personalities known as Jess/Tess/Bess, has been brilliant in carving out distinct voices and mannerisms for each one.
She SO deserves the Daytime Emmy and she’s up in the Supporting Actress category.
The growing romance between Jess and the handsome, charming and loyal Brody Lovett (Mark Lawson) has been so enjoyable to watch.
Lawson has really done a superb job with the growth of the character.
Brody entered the show as kind of a jerk in the very beginning….Can you say bar fights and one-night stands?
But all that changed along the way, when Brody showed his love and loyalty to Gigi and Shane and, somehow, found a second chance at love with Jessica.
Lawson does a great job of playing it real and making the viewer feel the range of emotions along with Brody.
Williamson and Lawson, together, have the makings of a Supercouple.
Check out this video of Friday’s eppy. It starts with some good Tess/Bess chatter – and ends with Bess opening the door to Brody.

One thought on “It’s Brody To The Rescue on OLTL

  1. Kimi
    June 22, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    I really like Brody & Jessica together. I thought it’d be awhile for them to find a good partner for her after Nash cuz everybody I know loved them together, but Brody’s a great fit. I’m enjoying watching him support her & hope it all comes out this week so that they don’t have to hide & he won’t have to listen to Natalie’s trash talk anymore.