There are so many things that I like about One Life To Live right now.
But there are two things not to like.
And their names are Jared Banks and Lee Ramsey.
I haven’t liked the characters from day one of their respective entrances.
And, really, it probably says a lot about the talents of the two actors – John Brotherton who plays Banks and Hunt Block who portrays Ramsey.
Ramsey just makes my skin crawl everytime he’s on the screen.
And not in a good way.
I hate the way he unfeelingly kidnapped an asthmatic kid (Shane) and threatened his single mom (Gigi). He later broke into their apartment to threaten them again and never batted an eye when young Shane struggled for breath during an asthma attack.
Check out the video of Ramsey and Todd, having already kidnapped Shane, threaten Gigi to cooperate with them – or else!

And I was absolutely horrified by the way Ramsey cold-heartedly shot out the tires on the van carrying Marty and Cole, which resulted in Marty’s death.
And how about the time he shot at Marcie, while she was holding Tommy. Michael jumped in front of Marcie and ended up taking a bullet in the shoulder….Once again, Ramsey was cold as ice.
As far as Jared, he’s just sleazy.
That’s the only word that really suits him.
I mean, how many guys would get involved with a woman (Natalie), get her to start falling for him and then masquerade as her long-lost uncle in order to get money from her wealthy family….
As Nigel so aptly put it – Jared took money over love.
Okay, it’s not just about the money….
It’s about the power too.
That compounds the sleaze factor.
And he had the nerve to kiss Natalie after he pretends to be her uncle by obtaining a fake DNA test.
This video says it all.

And I absolutely hate the way he treats his father.
His real father, Charlie Banks.
Not his pretend father, the late Asa Buchanon.
There’s just something about Jared that screams – slimy!
Ramsey and Jared…..
I’m just not into them.

One thought on “Jared and Ramsey – One Life To Live’s ICK Factor

  1. Kimi
    January 29, 2008 at 10:35 am

    Whenever Todd Manning becomes the voice of reason (telling Ramsey to give Gigi her son back), you KNOW the other person is really psycho LOL.
    Ramsey is a sick puppy & I’ll happily watch him get his eventually. Hunt Block is a great actor tho!
    Jared is sick in a whole different way. I actually dread the day it all comes out that he’s not a Buchanan – why you ask? Cuz then he’ll be free to pursue Natalie full throttle, eventually she’ll forgive him then I won’t have much respect for her character either, & I’ve always liked Nat.
    Of course, you know Viki will bring Jared & his father back together & could possibly help make Jared likable.