So the secret’s out!
Well, not to everyone….but at least Natalie knows. Thank goodness.
Yes, Natalie finally said those glorious words – “So you chose money over me.”
Natalie (Melissa Archer) now knows that she hasn’t been attracted to her uncle – because Jared isn’t her uncle.
“The lie is that I was your uncle…I’m not. I never could be….I’m just plain old Jared Banks.”
What a relief for Natalie, to know that the man who she’s been wildly attracted to (and who’s been sticking his tongue down her throat every chance he gets) really isn’t her uncle.
Actually, Natalie got a two-fer. She not only knows that Jared (John Brotherton) is not her uncle, but she also found out that David Vickers IS!
And as Kara has previously blogged about the anticipation surrounding Tuc Watkins return as David Vickers – I can wholeheartedly echo those sentiments.
Bring him on!
I am so glad this secret is finally out.
Now maybe we can move on – where ever that might be.
Just think of the ensuing repercussions when the collateral damage is done to Charlie Banks, Jared’s real father who’s pretending to be Charlie Balsom, Rex’s father…Rex, who was raised as Natalie’s brother…. And Charlie is dating Natalie’s mother Viki.
It’s re-e-e-ally complicated.
Bottom line is that if this secret snowballs into adversely affecting Viki and Charlie’s relationship – I’ll be really mad, because I so enjoy Charlie and Viki.
As we left Nat and Jared yesterday, the rest of the Buchanans were just getting back to the cabin and they don’t know the truth.
I’m betting that Nat steps in and doesn’t let him spill the beans just yet….
But I don’t read spoilers and I’ve been wrong in my predictions before.
So I guess we’ll all tune in today to see if Jared actually fesses up to the rest of the Buchanan clan.

4 thoughts on “Jared Fesses Up To Natalie on One Life To Live

  1. Kimi
    April 1, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    I haven’t watched yesterday’s show yet, sounds like a good one.
    I’m betting that if Viki gets mad at Charlie, it won’t be for long. She knows how badly Charlie wants to reconnect with his son & this just proved how far he was willing to go. Once she finds out that Dorian was involved in keeping it from her she may let Charlie off the hook. She’ll probably get more mad at how the lies affected Natalie and Rex.

  2. Michele
    April 1, 2008 at 11:35 pm

    Okay, Kimi, I have to ask – are you a writer for the soaps? Because you are always thinking three steps down the line and you always offer such insightful thoughts about how one character’s action will impact the other characters.
    It is *so true* that once Viki finds out that Dorian played a part in the secret, that may be a factor in her forgiving Charlie.
    P.S. For once, I was right in my prediction about Natalie not letting the cat out of the bag right away.

  3. Kimi
    April 2, 2008 at 9:50 am

    Thanks Michele! My responses probably come from watching soaps, reading soap mags for 20+yrs & just caring (probably too much) about these fictional characters lol. Altho I am a writer (& fellow AJC blogger) I have to say *from your lips to God’s ears* re: being a soap writer! 🙂 I’d LOVE an opportunity to write for soaps or even a soap mag, in particular for AMC of which I’ve been a huge fan since childhood.
    Yeah it looks like the old scheming Natty may come back out for awhile … and I’m actually glad I kinda missed her she was fun to watch! 🙂 Jared may be sorry he told the truth LOL!

  4. Michele
    April 2, 2008 at 1:13 pm

    When you become a soap writer, will you cast me as one of the characters? That’s been my longtime dream!
    Shoot me an e-mail at when you have a chance?