I can-not believe it!
I actually liked Jared Banks yesterday.
Really! I never thought I’d ever write that phrase.
I was so not liking him from the jump on One Life To Live.
Jared (John Brotherton) seemed sort of dark from day one. Maybe because we first saw in prison. That’s never really a good setting for anyone.
Then there was that whole thing where he underhandedly bought control of Nash’s vineyard from Antonio as revenge against Jess/Tess.
I guess I can kinda understand that. After all, it was Jess – as her alter Tess – who set Jared up to go to prison for something he didn’t do.
But one thing I really couldn’t stand about Jared is the way he started getting involved with Natalie only to jump at the chance to masquerade as her uncle in order to gain money and power with the Buchanan name.
The other thing I didn’t like about him is how he didn’t treat his real father, Charlie Banks, with respect.
So Jared was a lose/lose situation in my eyes…..Until yesterday in his scenes with Gigi…He actually showed humanity.
Humanity! Not a word I would have associated with him, previously.
First there was the scene where she spilled coffee and he helped her clean it up.
They were so cute together and he seemed to be really concerned that something was bothering her.
Actually it was two somethings bothering her – that freakazoid police commish, Ramsey, who tried to kill Gigi and her son, Shane, and Rex, her high school sweetheart who is Shane’s father.
But the thing is, Gigi (Farah Fath) never told Rex about Shane and visa versa.
So when Gigi was upset about Ramsey’s threats and her secret about Rex, Jared comforted her.
And he was sincere and caring.
The topper was the cliff hanger, when Rex walked in on Jared and Gigi kissing.
I think I see some possibilities here.

4 thoughts on “Jared on One Life To Live – Redeemed?

  1. karen
    March 21, 2008 at 3:48 am

    sorry but I do not care for Gigi, I cant understand her reasoning for the things she does like why she wont tell her kid and his father that they are father and son. To top it off Farah Fath really leaves a lot to be desired with the acting. As far as Jared goes, I have loved this man from the day he arrived and I just adore him and Natalie and cant wait for this dumb secret to be out.

  2. SallyV
    March 22, 2008 at 8:30 am

    I’m having a little trouble with Gigi too. Lately, she’s been using all these screwy facial expressions that detract from what she’s saying/doing. Kinda like Talia…she does the same thing and it’s quite annoying.
    Jared? Still not liking him much, but he is getting a little more tolerable. I think the more time he spends with Charlie, now that Jared’s dropping some of the animosity, the more I’ll like him. Thank god David/Tuc is coming back…hopefully that will be the end of Jared “Buchanan”.

  3. Michele
    March 23, 2008 at 7:41 pm

    Hi Karen and SallyV,
    I was lukewarm about Gigi in the beginning, but I have come to really like her.
    But everyone likes and dislikes different characters and that’s why we love soaps so much – because there’s something for everyone and that’s a good thing!
    I also really liked Natalie and Jared in the beginning, but once he went along with this charade – it ruined the possibility of a Nat/Jared match for me…Basically because he took money over love.
    I, too, can’t wait until Tuc comes back and, hopefully, Jared’s secret will be revealed…I’m interested to see how it plays out with Viki and Rex.

  4. Kimi
    March 24, 2008 at 9:16 am

    I liked Gigi/Jared’s scenes together last week. I’m warming to Jared every so slightly, but not feeling a Jared/Natalie pairing. Maybe down the line eventually, like Michele said he chose $ over Natalie & if she gets with him immediately after that to me she’ll just look pathetic, and I’ve never seen Nat that way. Maybe if at least a little time goes by I can get with it.
    I liked Jared/Gigi together in their scenes, thought they had good chemistry & hope they hook up.
    True, Farah Fath’s facial expressions can be distracting, they were to me at first. But I got used to it as part of who the character is. People make screwy faces in real life while talking, that doesn’t bother me, she’s fitting into the Llaview canvas nicely imho.
    Gigi’s reasoning for holding back the Shane/Rex connection is iffy, but that’s classic soaps too. Very few secrets on soaps make sense in the long run.